Impression – Durarara!!x2: Shou, Episode 01


Episode 01 – “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”

It’s finally here, which I swear I say at the beginning of every first impression that I do. I need to find better ways to convey my excitement in the wake of something I’ve been anticipated for a long time. Anyway, long time fans of the series will be thrilled to hear that Durarara!!x2 feels like a direct continuation of the original series, which first aired in 2010 (more or less exactly 5 years ago). And this is in spite of the animation studio switching from Brains Base to Studio Shuka.


The events of Durarara!!x2: Shou take place 6 months after the end of the original series. If you’re rusty on your Durarara!! history like I am, fret not because the first episode does a good job of retracing the steps we’ve taken to get to this point. Plot points such as the Celty’s head, Masaomi’s whereabouts, as well as Celty’s ongoing struggle with the local law enforcement are all covered in nice brevity. The episode accomplishes this recount by using the nonlinear narrative technique that I love so much about Durarara!!. Even within the very first episode, the story jumps from the present to the original series’s events and all around the different character perspectives.

If you thought the original cast was large, the additional members more or less double the total number. Newcomers that have been introduced include Izaya’s little sisters Mairu and Kururi (who made brief appearances in the original extra episodes) and Shinra’s new stepmother and crazed scientist Emilia. From the looks of the next episode preview, the story is going to get pretty insane as it weaves even more characters into the picture. I’m particularly interested in Simon and the Russian characters because I always knew there was more to him than met the eye, like a sushi-making Transformer.


It’s hard to say to much about the plot considering the first episode mainly introduced characters and reintroduced us to the world of this fictional Ikebukuro, where headless dullahans ride motorcycles and are in love with scientists. I was pensive about whether this new season would meet my expectations, considering Durarara!! is my favorite series of all time. After watching the first episode, I can say that yes not much has changed which is mostly a good thing. That being said, given that this season is five years newer, I can’t really say that it looks that much better. I’ll admit that Durarara!!‘s animation wasn’t always the best, so here’s hoping we’ll see something better this time around in the visual department. All in all, I’m super excited that Durarara!! has gotten so many new seasons (3 cours!), and this first episode has left me optimistic about the things to come.

“Nothing about us has changed…I think.” ~ Mikado Ryuugamine


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    • Thanks! I haven’t been very good with getting episode impressions out in a timely manner lately, so hopefully this season will be different.

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