Impression – Kantai Collection, Episode 09


Episode 09 – “Second Remodel, Poi”

In celebration of Yuudachi reaching Kai-ni this week, I’ll write this entire post in Yuudachi language. Poi poi poiii poi poi pooi poi poooiii~ Okay never mind, that got irritating quickly. While Yuudachi’s poi’s are an endearing quality and one of many reasons why she’s in my top 10¬†kanmusu, I don’t think it’s nearly as cute when I do it.

So far, the anime series has had to reach upon various creative ways to incorporate game elements and bring them to life on screen. Though I know many will disagree with me, I feel that this transition has been pretty seamless given the inherent challenge of adapting concepts that aren’t even explicitly shown in the game, and the remodeling mechanic is another good example.


Even before Yuudachi is shown at the beach, I totally called that she would be glowing and ready for Kai-ni. It just seemed very logical for some reason, like Digimon and Pokemon. We get a few¬†humorous reactions from the rest of the destroyers who aren’t quite sure what’s happening, like a bunch of kids witnessing an egg hatching for the first time or something along those lines. Ikazuchi even has the audacity to yell a bunch of nonsense at Yuudachi. While I would have liked to have seen more of Yuudachi Kai-ni in action, especially with her Torpedo Teds, I pretty satisfied with what we got. After all, this episode wasn’t really about Yuudachi but rather Fubuki reevaluating her place in the fleet as well as her own self-worth.

I think we’ve all been in her position before. We’ve been working hard for a while, with a specific goal in mind, and then out of nowhere someone else snatches up that opportunity first, leaving you in the dust with nothing. We then question why we’ve been working so hard in the first place, if there’s nothing to be gained in the end. This inner conflict that Fubuki faces makes this episode uncomfortably real, especially considering it’s tucked away beneath moments of frivolity preceding it. Fubuki gets her Kai-ni announcement at the end of the episode, and while the circumstances around it remain in mystery for the moment, I almost wish that this had waited until the next episode because it reconciles Fubuki’s struggle a little too quickly for my taste. Her Kai-ni would have been more satisfying if the uncertainty hung in the air for a little while longer.


Aside from personal matters, war tensions reach their boiling point when the Abyssal Fleet launch a surprise attack on the Naval District, while the main fleet is stationed on Truk Island. The Admiral issues an emergency order for all units to return home and is attacked while ensuring the safe evacuation of his troops. He remains MIA, and I’m incredibly curious as to how he will make his reappearance. How can a faceless, voiceless character make a triumphant return? I don’t know, but I’m sure KanColle can find a way to do it that’s interesting, if nothing else.

“I’m kind of surprised. I thought you would be first.” ~ Shimakaze


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