Impression – Durarara!!x2: Shou, Episode 08


Episode 08 – “The Ladies’ Man Has No Money Nor Power”

After the visual travesty that occurred last episode, we’re back on track with the matters at hand. Following the stirred waters surrounding the current circumstances of the Dollars, Aoba Kuronuma reveals his true colors to Mikado, specifically one color: blue. That’s right, it turns out that Aoba is part of the surviving Blue Squares responsible for the recent attacks in Saitama, as well as causing all sorts of trouble in the first season when they discretely joined the Yellow Scarves following their own defeat. Aoba announces that he’s well aware of Mikado’s status as the founder of the Dollars and invites him to be the new leader of the Blue Squares.


Mikado would never agree to this ludicrous proposition, right? Well, that creepy smile he gives Aoba may suggest otherwise. I’ve always taken him as a kid who knows right from wrong, but I suppose what Mikado ultimately desires is excitement and adventure. Given that he has no actual power over the Dollars, he may actually consider the position of the Blue Squares leader to satiate this desire. Though, I get the feeling Masaomi may not let him. This episode puts a lot of attention on Masaomi being out of the loop, and it may be high time for him to barge back into the thick of things. Even though Masaomi is now technically a member of the Dollars, having Mikado turn to the Blue Squares is effectively a big slap to the face for him.


And what of the confrontation between Vorona and Celty that’s supposed to take place in that warehouse? Surely, things between Aoba and Mikado can’t resolve in that building before the two motorcycle ladies go at it in there. And where has Izaya disappeared to? And will Shizuo eventually catch up to him? Aoba previously declared his hate for Izaya as well, so when will that come in? There are so when players on the field at the moment, it’s almost ridiculous and I can’t even imagine how the game will play out from here.

“Half despair, half jealousy. A dash of hope. In other words, that’s love.” ~ Vorona

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