Impression – Comet Lucifer, Episode 03


Episode 03 – “Garden Indigo”

If there is one single takeaway from this week’s episode of Comet Lucifer, it’s that Felia is an incredibly precious character that I find impossible to dislike (though I’m sure that are people out there who do). I like my fair share of moe characters, but I never think “gosh, this character is so pure and innocent, I must protect her!” While it’s hard to say to what extent I feel like this towards Felia, there’s a quality to her personality that’s genuinely endearing, rather than forced and aggravating like other similar characters, that just warms my icy heart and speaks to my deadened soul.

Comet Lucifer‘s playful attitude shines through again, apparent from its decision to open with a shot of Do Mon’s cafe and a tarp where a roof once was stood. We never see how those events played out from the end of the last episode, but the consequences speak for themselves, and that absence of any explanation is immensely amusing to me.


The way the cat pigeons are introduced also shows a lot of confidence Comet Lucifer has in the world that it’s building. At first glance, these are just some green birds that Felia becomes infatuated, but then one meows and flies away. Like with the fixed hole in the roof, it’s a case of show rather than tell. These strange birds are common place for the people of Gift, so it makes sense that don’t need to explain why they’re essentially two real world animals stuck together. This same confidence can be found in another great show, Avatar: The Last Airbender, which also has its fair share of bizarre, yet engrained in the world of the series, wildlife.

Something that I’m not quite invested in, unfortunately, is the more serious side of the story. So far we’ve seen various players begin to gather together with actiony showcases of their skills, making for an admittedly strange call to arms. At this point, we have no idea what their collective motivation is, other than to probably kidnap Felia for her powers, and I wonder how soon it will be before Sougo and the others will be confronted by these antagonists as a group.


“Her presence sustains nature and life itself, ensuring this planet’s continued prosperity.” ~ Moura

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