Impression – Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru, Episode 03


The Third Bone – “The Bones That Slumber in Summer”

The most striking theme, the one that Sakurako-san has been developing for the past two episodes, is the ability to find an appreciation for life in the face of death, be it your own or a loved one. The series is constantly asking the question, “what stories do people have to tell when they are no longer people but simply unmoving, decaying objects, and what meaningful impact can they have on those who still have life burning within them?” So far, these human artifacts have been able to act as bridges from the present to the past, from those who continue to live to those for which time now stands still.


As expected, side characters are being integrated into the main story in a meaningful way, adding realism to the world of Sakurako-san. Last week, we saw Shoutarou’s classmate, Yuriko Kougami, as a helpful passerby during the case of the murder of Yuuka Tominaga’s mother, and now we get a look into her personal life. Yuriko isn’t subjugated to being a random NPC that bounces throwaway dialogue off of the main characters, but rather acts as the protagonist in the mystery of her grandmother’s sudden death. With some help from the sharp mind of Sakurako-san and some hints painted and hung up on her walls, Yuriko learns that the emotion known as love may be stronger than she originally gave it credit for.

As for the overarching throughline, i.e. the mystery behind Sakurako-san’s past, it’s revealed this episode that Soutarou is in fact Sakurako-san’s now dead brother. Though the cause of this death remains a mystery, it’s likely because of this that she was overcome with the need to be protective of Shoutarou in the last episode. Does this mean she views him as a replacement little brother, or is there more to their relationship that we’ll see in the future?


“She chose to come here because she wanted to live.” ~ Sakurako Kujou


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