Impression – Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru, Episode 04


The Fourth Bone – “The Cursed Man, Part 1”

I think it’s worth mentioning that even though we’ve been through a handful of different mysteries, each story has felt unique and interesting, from the characters involved to the nature of the deaths. This mystery in particular is different from the others in that while technically people involved have died already, there is no dead body to speak of…yet.

So rather than “whodunnit,” as we’ve been getting accustomed in the past few episodes, it’s more of a matter of “whogundie” in this first half of our first multi-episode arc. For most of the episode, the series clearly wants us to believe that the titular cursed man is going to befall some horrible fate, as per his hypochondriac worries. I even thought he’d get into a horrific car crash went he went to pick up a cake, but instead that trip revealed that something shady is afoot.


Now I’m predicting that the man cares more about his own well-being than that of even his wife and child. Driven by the fear of his so-called curse, he’s worked out some deal involving that man on the rainy and the hidden painting. Some of my favorite mysteries feature a handful of seemingly random and impossibly linked items. In this case, we have a dog, a painting, and a birthday cake. Though, I’m slightly disappointed that the last two mysteries have been about a painting, so some spacing could’ve prevented this thematic fatigue.

The best part of any mystery is watching the elements converge, and I’m interested to see how¬†Sakurako-san makes use of the extra episode for exposition and ultimately how that extra time affects the culmination of events. Of particular interest is the focus on Shoutarou’s mother, which should tie in, if only thematically, with the family at the center of this present mystery.


“Fate, as a concept, is the epitome of stupidity.” ~ Sakurako Kujou


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