Review – Final Crisis, Original

The day the Earth was taken from humanity.

The day the Earth was taken from humanity.











Keeping up with the holiday spirit, I have decided to review Final Crisis from DC. When I decided to start reading DC comics from the pre-New 52 era, quite the undertaking, I came across a pretty recent and popular arc known as Final Crisis. I was very lucky when I went to my favorite comic shop and found a set of all 7 comics from the original release on sale. Although Final Crisis is the conclusion to the 51 issue long Countdown to Final Crisis series, I do believe that with a minimal amount of knowledge regarding the DC Universe, one can enjoy this read. Get on it quickly because the world will be ending soon.

You can't stop this infection.

You can’t stop this infection.









Imagine a world where crazy things happen as often as the sun sets. We feel safe in the chaos because we have our super powered protectors. The problem is that there is always someone bigger, faster, and stronger. How would we react if someone showed up with a bigger stick? Would you conform if the choice was between assimilation and annihilation? Can we trust those with the power to fight to rise up against tyranny? A common theme in the superhero world is to find the scattered superheroes and gather for something great. Throughout all of mythology the human race has been on the receiving end of the results of wars fought by the gods. When the gods of New Genesis lost to the evil forces of Apokolips, the Earth has to experience a force greater than anything the Justice League has ever faced. The forces of Apokolips have a head start as they have already begun to set things into motion through mind control and biological warfare. When faced with technology that can even corrupt Oa and the great power source of will, turn your allies against you, and unravel the normal flow of time, what the heck are guys like Batman supposed to do? We see a collaboration of the powers that makes the Avengers look like a play date in order to prevent the apocalypse.

Our hope rests in the hands of our heroes.

Our hope rests in the hands of our heroes.










Honestly, we are introduced to far too many characters in this arc for me to go over all of them. Even if you try to single out the characters that take on a leadership role, you are going to have me writing a book. What I can tell you is that the regular members of the Justice League are all prominent members of the battle and embody their usual personas with the addition of a few dark elements including the ability to kill the opposing forces. Some of the lesser known DC heroes also get a lot of screen time like Black Canary who gets to take on a leadership in the chaos. We also see regional heroes that have to hold down strongholds in six different sectors across the planet. Darkseid is the leader of the Apokolips forces and he is in a very fragile state after his fight with the gods of New Genesis. Lex Luthor and a few other super villains show their humanity as they struggle with which stance to take as they see humanity reaching a grand turning point. We are also introduced to some odd individuals from Japan that get their hands on some New Genesis technology and try to aid the Leaguers. Finally we are introduced to various levels of overseers such as the guardians of Oa and the council in charge of the multiverse.

My mind almost could not handle everything that went on in Final Crisis.

My mind almost could not handle everything that went on in Final Crisis.











I am honestly still trying to comprehend everything that went down in this arc. There was a lot going on because in seven comics, we are introduced to an apocalyptic scenario that involves a response force from a group of heroes that outnumber any collaboration I have seen to date. I do enjoy the gritty feel that comics have these days, but I am starting to feel that we are abandoning what has made comics so great. I won’t be getting into that right now because I do think that the story was handled well in this arc, but it is starting to get to me. On the actual story, I enjoyed the fact that we got to see a lot of the lesser used DC heroes fight and it is getting me interested in checking out more stories like Frankenstein. Showing the weaknesses of the heroes we have come to know was interesting and giving us a story where you don’t know who will win was refreshing because we don’t need to see invincible heroes in situations where they will always win. My favorite part was the use of the Flash Family because I have been really getting into their story recently and they were given an interesting role in the battle. One issue though is that if you lack prior knowledge in regards to how the DC Universe works, the story may seem a bit convoluted. However, Final Crisis is the conclusion to the series Countdown to final Crisis so it is to be expected that you aren’t jumping straight into the miniseries. I would like to say that I enjoyed Final Crisis even without reading Countdown to Final Crisis.

Do not question Batman.

Do not question Batman.





Final Say:

If you like the Justice League, read Final Crisis. If you like action, read Final Crisis. If you like apocalyptic scenarios, read Final Crisis. If you like comics, read Final Crisis. The arc has been printed in a few different ways so it will be easy to find at your local comic book provider. I got my set of the original comics for only fifteen dollars used and they were in very nice condition. Final Crisis was a great read and anyone that has any free time before the world ends should definitely give it a try.

One entity cannot govern an entire multiverse.

One entity cannot govern an entire multiverse.



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