Impression – Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, Episode 03

maoyuu maou yuusha









Raise your hand if you love potatoes? Those of you that did not raise your hands need some new taste buds, but you don’t technically have to like potatoes to enjoy this episode. The only reason that I have this super food on the brain is because it has been revealed to be Maou’s secret weapon in ending hunger in the human world. Fantastic stuff really. What we see in this episode is growth in Maou’s reputation from the villagers to the very shady merchant’s union. We get our science in the form of spreading potato farming and our economics when it comes to dealing with merchants, but the comedy comes in a very familiar form. We get to meet the former party member of Yuusha known as Female Knight. The oblivious Yuusha can’t tell that Female Knight has yearned for him, but Maou can and a declaration of war between women has been put forth. The fact that Female Knight will be living in the same village as our happy couple in order to use her church authority to educate in the agricultural arts will provide some very interesting romantic tension. I don’t hope for too much though because I am a softy and Maou should live happily with Yuusha.

I eat potatoes almost every day.

I eat potatoes almost every day.









Current Opinion of the Show:

I am still in love with this series. The strong focus on economics and agricultural science keep it from being a mindless romance and makes the series unique in this season. I say this, but the romantic elements are fantastic as well. The extremely innocent romance is very heart warming and almost distracts rom the fact that the artists have made Maou’s breasts unnecessarily large. I look forward to seeing Yuusha greet Maou upon his return.

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