Impression – Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman, Episode 03








Well, we finally got to know about that power suit. We now know that it is a suit of unknown origin made for Roman’s father that increases both strength and speed. The suit repels most types of attacks, but there is a time limit put on it so you cannot use it continuously. When a map of Japan gets stolen and taken to the foreign army, Roman and company are sprung into action. The storyline is actually pretty interesting. Multiple forces are trying to take over Japan and the only ones that can stop them are covert entities that hold more individual power than the major government entities that were torn apart during the initial conflict. We get to see more of the Oniwaban group as it has become apparent that their goals as well as Roman’s are quite similar. Both groups go after the stolen map, but are foiled by an oddly skilled member of the foreign military and someone who I can only describe as Catwoman. The leader of the Brothel has a desire to watch Japan fall and she uses her acrobatic skills and poison nails to further her endeavor. We can also tell that she is against violence towards women. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that she was forced into prostitution and has a vendetta against both men and the country that failed to give her freedom. Very predictable, but the episode itself was very entertaining.

How many out of place people can be in one series?

How many out-of-place people can be in one series?









Current Opinion of the Show:

I am enjoying this series more and more with every episode. The action is very interesting and the plot, although not very unique as of now, is captivating. I am very curious about the origins of the various out-of-place warriors in this series. Catwoman, a power ranger, and gunkata man over here do not belong in the Edo era of Japan. I look forward to seeing the inevitable quest to recover the map of Japan.

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