News – Status of the Justice League Movie, 1/27/13

The team is starting to take shape.

The team is starting to take shape.









Well, DC isn’t taking any risks just yet. I was hesitant to make this post at first because it didn’t seem like a huge deal to me. Don’t kill me because I know that details regarding the members of the Justice League will always be important, but it isn’t like they seem to be shaking things up. The script is supposed to focus on five heroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash. There is also room for possible cameos by Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and Hawkman. Although, Hawkman is not getting a lot of love from our writer from what we were told. Honestly, the most news worthy thing regarding the cast would be if those five major heroes weren’t the focus of the story.

We have quite a few Green Lanterns over here on Earth.

We have quite a few Green Lanterns over here on Earth.













I guess the major discussion topic that comes from this would be figuring out which Green Lantern and Flash get to see the big screen. The original Justice League features Hal Jordan who is the main focus of most Green Lantern stories and obviously not a bad choice for the role. The issue with that is with the recent Green Lantern movie, it would be almost impossible to use Hal and not bring in Ryan Reynolds. I have my issues with that movie and the bad taste that it left in the mouth of fans would make using Ryan a hard sell. However, there is another very prominent Green Lantern that has been the featured guy in the Justice League. John Stewart is a great character that really got to shine in Justice League Unlimited. Anyone that has not seen that show should leave now and go watch it. I will wait for you. Alright, now that everyone has experienced some must watch television, we all know that John would be a great character choice for this movie. Using this Green Lantern would allow for DC to separate itself from that flop and fill a role that comics have always played. Comics were a thing that would always feature major characters of various races and walks of life because they were meant to show what people who were different and demonized could do. I wouldn’t suggest using someone like Guy Gardner because of the lack of exposure that the other lanterns receive and I think something like a Justice League movie would call for a prominent character.

I have really been getting into the Flash recently.

I have really been getting into the Flash recently.










Alright, so you can bet that Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, and Princess Diana are going to get their time to shine, but there is more than one Flash that could make it into the movie. Barry Allen is the most prominent Flash and was a part of the early teams. I don’t really see a reason to not use him, but his nephew Wally West isn’t shy to the spotlight. I do believe that the characters chosen in Justice League Unlimited could have a great deal of influence on those that make it into the movie. John Stewart got the Green Lantern gig, Martian Manhunter was a big part of the series, and people may have forgotten that Wally West is the Flash in that show. If Wally is chosen, then there would be instant Flash back story that fans will assume exists because Wally usually comes in to replace Barry. Heroes do die, although Barry sometimes just gets stuck between dimensions. I don’t know of the major differences in picking between these two because I haven’t read enough into it, but I am sure you guys know more than I do. I will say that this pick holds far less significance than the Green Lantern one because this will more than likely be the first taste of the Flash that we are getting on the big screen prior to the movie in question.

Not just some kid's show.

Not just some kid’s show.










There is something that I fear when it comes to this movie. As we get these little announcements like the villain and the team, the idea of this movie happening becomes all the more real. However, I feel like it is very difficult to fit in the complexities of the DC Universe into a movie format. I believe that is why the DC television series have seen more consistent success and quality than their cinematic versions. I enjoyed Superman the Animated Series far more than the five movies that we got and we received a great number of fantastic Batman series. The thing with a major team movie is that there is a lot going on. I will say that the movie that started off Justice League Unlimited was very enjoyable, but I think it lacked the character back story that fans would want for a feature film. That movie really relied on pulling in DC fans that were familiar with the universe to an extent. What worries me is the fact that DC and company really want to get this movie out in 2015. I am one of those people who disregards his own personal excitement to admit that the thought of the movie coming out that soon sounds ridiculous.

I can't wait to see this movie.

I can’t wait to see this movie.









The biggest indicator that DC will have moving forward with the Justice League movie project will probably be the success of the upcoming Man of Steel movie. This is really messing with me because I want DC to calm down wait on putting out the Justice League movie, but I also want Man of Steel to be great. However, if Man of steel is successful, I can only imagine that DC will pick up steam on this project. At least I may feel a little more at ease if Man of Steel is good. Oh well, Darkseid is a great villain choice and the team picks are safe and that is why the most surprising news we have regarding the movie is its possible time of release. Let’s just hope that all of DC’s projects go well because I am a fan and I do not like seeing people fail. Well, more often than not.

Why doesn't Cyborg get any love?

Why doesn’t Cyborg get any love?

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    • I would really like to see John Stewart too because he is my favorite Green Lantern. I hate to be redundant and act like a Justice League Unlimited fan boy, but John was really great in that series and he would be my choice for the big screen Green Lantern

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