Impression – Go On, Episode 15

Go On - Season 1









If you wanted to see the return of Ghost Janie, then you just got your wish. Apparently this thing with Simone is becoming something real because their relationship has spilled over into this episode. Lauren has a strict policy of no dating within the group, but Ryan doesn’t care about most things that say he can’t do something that he wants to. Unfortunately, the relationship that he fight Lauren over hits a bump when Janie’s ghost shows up every time that Ryan and Simone get intimate. Things get crazier and crazier until Ryan can’t handle things and he runs out on Simone. This results in calling her ex-fiance which makes these two a couple of nuts. Luckily, things seem to work out the way that they always do in sit coms when they decide to be crazy together. I honestly don’t see this lasting for a few reasons. One being the fact that this show functions in reality for the most part and your first relationship after such loss usually fails. Next you have the fact that the show probably won’t progress unless Ryan gets into more relationships, both serious and funny, moving forward. Finally, I think that they are trying to get something going between Ryan and Carrie which may just be my own personal bias. The side story is actually a really good one. The ladies of the group want Lauren to hurry up and get married, but she is hesitant which prompts the girls to try to find her a dress to spark Lauren’s wedding fever. Apparently, Owen has a similar body to Lauren and the ladies bribe him with beer in order to make him try on dresses. Through some misunderstandings, everyone gets together for a party to celebrate their strength on Valentine’s Day. My personal highlights were Mr. K being the voice of wisdom and Owen finding himself a lady friend.

I am kind of excited to see this wedding.

I am kind of excited to see this wedding.











Current Opinion of the Show:

I am obviously loving this series. It has been a while since I have been a part of a show that has developed this many characters and I have found myself liking each and every one of them. If the story focuses on any of the characters, I am always impressed by the emotional journey that they face. I really enjoyed having Owen as a larger part of the episode because he is one of my favorite characters. Overall, the writers and actors are doing a fantastic job with this show and I am looking forward to seeing Ryan back at work.

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