Impression – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next, Episode 09

boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai next








A lot of really cool things happened in this episode. We got to see part of the filming for the movie which had the kind of acting that is expected of our cast of misfits. I want to get the movie talk out-of-the-way now so that we can focus on the stuff that truly matters. Kodaka finds out that the script is plagiarized from a movie that already exists in their universe. Kate revealed the similarities in terms of story when Kodaka told her about the movie that Maria was going to be in. I am not all that surprised by this because I don’t think that the writers would have made Yozora a genius writer. Now, onto the important stuff. We have big time developments in the romance department. I may be a little biased about this because of my love for romance, but this story does revolve around Kodaka’s relationships with the girls around him so it isn’t like I am talking about what isn’t there. We finally meet the little redhead from the opening theme. Her name is Aoi and she sees herself as Sena’s rival. The two are opposites when it comes to outward appearance, but they share obsessive personality traits. This new girl not only spends an exhausting amount of time being jealous of Sena and striving to beat her test scores, but she has another peculiarity. Aoi thinks that Kodaka is cool. She comments on his hair color and adjusted pants legs. I will give her the hair, but I am not a fan of the way that Kodaka wears his pants. I guess that all of the girls have to think that Kodaka is cool to an extent in order to like him, but Aoi because she thinks Kodaka is funny. Kodaka not being funny is a running joke in the series. This overly honest little girl may have some good potential in the harem. I would say that she may already have a leg up on Yukimura and Rika because she complimented Kodaka in ways that really got to him. That is mostly me latching onto something that I find interesting, so we will move on. What really matters is the fact that the engagement between Kodaka and Sena was brought into the light. The Chairman, who is extremely gay for Kodaka’s dad, confronts Kodaka about the state of his relationship with Sena only to find out that the two kids are not dating. Sena finally finds out that her dad had plans to set up the kids and it turns out that the engagement isn’t new. Apparently, Kodaka and Sena met when they were very young and the dads agreed on an arranged marriage for their kids. There is even a piece of paper with their fingerprints on it. Looks like Yozora isn’t Kodaka’s only childhood friend. This was the Sena heavy episode that we needed because her character has taken a lot of hits in this season. Unfortunately, the two try to laugh off the idea of marriage and you see Sena muttering her true feelings again. When Kodaka denies the idea of marriage, you can see Sena’s heart breaking You can’t do this to me. Then, even though the two want to keep it on the down low, Maria spills the beans about the engagement because Kate told her all about it. If you thought Sena was heartbroken by the denial of the engagement, then prepare yourself for Yozora’s reaction to the news. Sena has to try to break her out of it for God’s sake. Things are getting really interesting.

I wouldn't go around slapping people with one of these.

I wouldn’t go around slapping people with one of these.












Current Opinion of the Show:

We are cooking now. The engagement reveal was everything I hoped it would be and more. I was expecting the wedding to be called off and Sena to secretly regret that decision, as well as the heartbreaking reveal, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect the adorable picture of Kodaka and Sena together as children. In hindsight, it makes sense, but I was not ready for that. With the reveal of a new girl and Kate getting her hopes up now that she knows that Sena isn’t with Kodaka, the harem element of the story is getting crazy as hell. I know that the chairman will not give up regarding the engagement, so I expect great things in the future. It isn’t all fun stuff though. I have an issue with the sixteen year old nun acting the way that she does. At least she wasn’t drinking alcohol this time. The thing is, when you have nuns as romantic interests, it makes it very obvious that the writers don’t care about the job description of an actual nun. Also, can we stop putting Kobato into sexual situations? She is a little girl. Oh well, I can’t stop them from making her character like this. That aside, I am really looking forward to seeing more of Aoi.

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