News – Go On Moves to Thursday Nights

New night at a new time.

New night at a new time.








Go On is leaving Tuesday nights at 9:00pm PST to Thursday nights at 9:30pm PST. I am not really sure why they made the switch. I know that ratings have been hurting and that they should be looking for a way to fix things, but the Thursday night switch confused me at first. Tuesday nights are odd, but as I thought about it, things started to make sense. The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursday nights and they get great ratings. Obviously, Go On does not have the recognition that The Big Bang Theory has right now, but there should be a reason for a show to get those ratings outside of quality. I think it is because of DVR ratings. I know that several types of DVR’s will supply ratings if the recordings are viewed within forty-eight hours of the original airing of the show. I would think that people catch up on their recordings over the weekend and that could help things out. I am no expert regarding time slots, but I also think that putting the show at a later time could hurt it. The best shows air around 8:00pm PST and I think that is because people have work and/or school the next day and that means people shut it down pretty early. I may not be the best example of someone who goes to bed at a proper time, but it is something to consider when I think that Go On’s target audience is more mature viewers. Oh well, I am looking forward to more from this show and I hope that this move will help the show thrive moving forward.

I think Steven is excited about the move.

I think Steven is excited about the move.

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