News – Infinite Stratos Season 2 Has Been Announced

For those of you that are fans of Infinite Stratos, you have a reason to celebrate. Season two of the series has been announced through a promotional video and that is pretty exciting. One of the things that we should take away from this video is the fact that we are being introduced to two new girls. I guess that this is a harem series, but I thought his group was big enough. My opinion on the matter obviously holds no power. Who knows? Maybe I will love these new characters. I wasn’t too thrilled by Houki and Rin as far as childhood friends go and that was disappointing because I love childhood friends. I am looking forward to more Laura, but I don’t know how serious her chances are. I am guessing that the introduction of new girls means that the events at the end of the first season, as well as the OVA, are not going to carry over strongly into this new season. As far as my knowledge regarding this new season goes, I know that it is still based on the light novels. I think that Sarashiki Tatenashi is the student council president, but that is as far as my insight on this season goes. I honestly have no idea what direction they plan on taking this series in. It feels like a full on harem that could push the IS thing to the side, but it almost feels too established to become an afterthought. What do I expect? More classic harem situations that get cut short because Ichika is a frustrating character to say the least. What do I want? I am not even sure about that at this point. Either making Laura a more prominent character or having these new girls becoming good characters would be nice. Oh well, I hope to see this out soon.

I guess that Ichika's harem wasn't big enough in the first season.

I guess that Ichika’s harem wasn’t big enough in the first season.

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