Impression – Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S, Episode 04


Episode 04 – “Sisters”

Continuing Misaka’s random misadventures around Academy City, we follow her and the gang around on a normal summer day. I finally figure out what the fifth girl’s name after four episodes. Voiced by Kana Hanazawa, her name is Erii Haruue. The girls go out to buy a new rice cooker, and Misaka helps Haruue pick out a new swimsuit. Of course, if you remember from the special episode from last season, you’ll know that Misaka has a rather childish taste in swimwear.


Speaking of being young at heart, Misaka finds herself playing with a group of kids. One of them happens to be a the little girl that she helps from the first season and another has the makings of electro powers of his own. The kids wonder if they would be able to communicate electrically like a telepathic telephone, but Misaka concludes that the electrical interference around the city would make it difficult. It’s an interesting though, though.

After an oddly competitive game of kick the can, Misaka goes on an otaku-level search around the city for an elusive Gekota (froggy) badge, in which she spends a ton of coins on. I’ve come to the conclusion that she must be rich (they might have explained this at some point and I’m just unobservant) because of this and her ability to rent hotel rooms like it’s nothing.


Throughout the episode, we see the growth of the Misaka prototype clone. Starting with the mentality of a newborn, she’s programmed with certain mental capacities. Emotions, however, are carefully left out of the equation. The reasoning is to prevent a clone uprising caused by “unnecessary emotions.” Smart, if I do say so myself. The real Misaka senses a disturbance in the Force, which prompts her to run towards its source. There, she finds her worst fears realized: a clone made from her DNA.

It’s interesting how the narrative jumps back and forth from the time three months ago when the clone was created to the present when Misaka finds it. There’s also the shocking scene of all of the dead Misaka clones in the room as well, which kind of wakes up from the relaxing slice-of-life mood we’ve been in since the series’s start. Next week, we get the long-awaited arrival of the most powerful Level 5 esper: Accelerator.


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