News – Go On Cancelled, 5/12/13

I hate NBC.

I hate NBC.








Well, the rumors that NBC was dumping most of their comedies is no longer a rumor. Only Parks and Recreation, The New Normal, and Community seem to have survived the cuts and Community is still in negotiations regarding its future. This is very unfortunate because people who have seen Go On know that it is a quality series. We had a great mix of comedy and drama that was driven by great acting across the board. We all knew what Matthew Perry brought to the table, but I never expected people like Julie White and Brett Gelman to give us what they did. Overall, it is a shame to see the one show on basic cable that I actually made time for not get past its first season. I suggest that anyone who hasn’t seen the series try to catch it before it becomes very difficult to find. Luckily, we did get a really nice season finale. We didn’t get closure, but we got great character development. Oh well, I can’t talk too much about the show itself in this news article. I will end this by saying that the entire Go On crew will be missed.

Good job guys.

Good job guys.

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