News – “Ace Attorney 5” Will Makes Its Debut in the West This Fall, Only for 3DS eShop


Dubbed Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, the 5th incarnation of the popular law system simulator will make its Western debut this fall, but only as a digital download from the 3DS eShop. As an environmentally conscious fan of the series, this is great news to be had. Having the box for a video game really isn’t a huge deal for me, but I can understand why collectors would be obsessed with having them. Maybe game developers can think up alternative ways to satiate such hardcore fanatics, like including special items or achievements with the game download.

Unfortunately, the reason Capcom has decided to have digital only release in the West is because they aren’t confident that it’ll sell well. Compared to other games, they’re probably right which is saddening. As great of a series Ace Attorney is, it’s still only appeals to a niche audience.

The game takes the series in brand new directions, with its new “Mood Matrix” concept that allows you to scope out a witness’s emotions, as well as the 3-D visuals and a new sidekick in Athena Cykes (Japanese: Kokone Kizuki). However, this change in gameplay and staff can be unsettling for long time fans, as it means that we may never see the return of the Fey family! Apollo Justice has been confirmed to return in the next game though, maybe that means Trucy will make a reappearance too!

Check out the new English trailer:

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