News: ‘Tales of Symphonia Chronicles’ HD Bundle Will Make It to the West in 2014

The producers of the famous Tales of franchise have granted us with a second chance to replay some of the fan favorites from the series: Tales of Symphonia and its sequel Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. This bundle pack will remaster both games in HD and will be released for the PS3. It’ll come out in Japan on October 10 of this year, while North America and Europe will have to wait until early 2014.


Among the new additions include:

  • New cover art
  • New cut-in pictures during Mystic Arte usage in battle
  • Alternate¬†Tales of the Abyss costumes for Lloyd and Genis
  • Remixes of the game’s theme songs (I really like “Starry Heavens,” even though it wasn’t used in the US version)

I suppose this revitalization of Tales of Symphonia gives me the perfect excuse to finally go and complete the game, which I started five years ago. I ended up getting stuck at a boss…maybe I should just restart the game.

Here’s the announcement video:

Here’s the video from the reveal event:

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