Impression – Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W, Episode 08

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W








Anime has prepared me for a lot of things. I no longer get surprised when something is disguised as something else. Nyaruko is a perfect series to display the loose interpretation of things. Most of our characters are aliens that are based on the Cthulhu Mythos, but they look like anime girls. Well, this episode took things even farther than that. If that is at all possible.

That is one way to put it.

That is one way to put it.

This week’s episode revolves around Shanta wanting to be of use to Mahiro. Shanta is from a race of servant pets and she feels like Mahiro should be receiving help for all that he does for Nyaruko. I would like to point out that I forgot that Shanta was a girl prior to watching this episode. That can slip a person’s mind when the character in question is an alien that looks like a mix between a hippopotamus and a bat. Unfortunately, Shanta can’t do much for Mahiro in her current form. Luckily, Kuuko has some magic pills that can turn the pet into a little girl. I could have done without the loli element, but that is what happened. Shanta keeps trying to help Mahiro out, but the guy is pretty self-sufficient and this means that Shanta keeps getting disappointed. However, this is the kind of anime that lets things work out in the end, so they spend the rest of the day together.

Damn you harem writers.

Damn you harem writers.

The rest of the harem was actually pretty quiet during this episode. The show even starts out by saying that there will be a heavy focus on Shanta, so you can’t really complain about what you watched. The harem expanded when the narrator said that Shanta actually has feelings for Mahiro. Out of context, an alien hippo-bat pet that turns into a loli without the ability to communicate properly sounds like a crazy harem choice. With context, it seems fairly normal and that scares me. We don’t know how old Kuuko and Nyaruko are. On that note, I don’t remember ever seeing their true forms. You know you like anime¬†when this doesn’t surprise you.

I hate auctions. That is why I like the "Buy it Now" option on eBay.

I hate auctions. That is why I like the “Buy it Now” option on eBay.










Current Opinion of the Show:

This episode didn’t negatively affect how I feel about this series. Shanta is a character that has interested me for quite a while and it was nice seeing her get some screen time. The whole loli transformation during said screen time did throw me off. Although, I am not sure what else you could possibly expect from this series. The pills were an interesting thing, but I can’t say that I was surprised on that front either. This is the kind of anime that does things that are so outrageous that you become desensitized quite quickly. The only thing that would actually surprise me is if they revisit this event because I see Shanta’s transformation being a bit of sorts.

Calm down girl.

Calm down girl.

I actually thought that we might be getting a little more plot progression at the end of this one. Nyaruko showed up in Mahiro’s room for sex of course. That has been her goal since day one. However, Mahiro has gone from completely unyielding to wanting to take the proper steps in a very tsundere fashion. So, when it seemed like Nyaruko realized that they needed to not skip steps, I got very interested. However, that was short-lived because Nyaruko flipped the switch and tried to jump Mahiro directly after that glimmer of hope. I really hope that things get going pretty soon because I am getting tired of these useless episodes. Something to look forward to would be the fact that Kuune has escaped that dimension.

Alien technology at its finest.

Alien technology at its finest.


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