Impression – Suisei no Gargantia, Episode 09

Suisei no Gargantia








My mind has been officially blown. A lot of people use that statement pretty loosely, but I could not be any more serious regarding the state of mind my mind at this very moment. What could have possibly happened to warrant such a statement? Well, you are about to find out.

The shot looks weird for a legitimate reason.

The shot looks weird for a legitimate reason.

Red finally gets the chance to take on the Earth Hideauze without being demonized for it. It turns out that the aquatic monsters only hold 1/120 the combat capability of their deep space counterparts. This is why Red is able to make quick work of them. Extreme numbers and a surprise attack can’t stop Chamber and Red when they have the power of a harpoon. That old school weapon was actually pretty useful. Red enters the nest and they kill everything. The adults, what appears to have been the queen, and a room full of baby Hideauze. The crazy thing is what happened after the massacre. Chamber stumbles upon some data files from the ancient civilization that appear to be classified by order of the Galactic Alliance. Luckily, Red knows military protocol and is able to view the files by being the highest ranking officer present. What we saw would torment even the toughest of minds. The great exodus to space was a result of a war. The Evolvers were a group of people who believed in scientific advancement even if it meant breaking the law. They were up against people who feared science had gone out of control. Tensions were high because of the new ice age and the Evolvers were looking for a way to survive extreme conditions. The picture that is above this paragraph was the answer. The Hideauze are humans. Humans that had undergone genetic mutations to allow them to survive even the vacuum of space. It appears that the galactic alliance was the other side of the war and, with enough time to dilute information, they convinced everyone that the Hideauze were an alien race. I am freaking out right now.

Many lives have been lost.

Many lives have been lost.

We got to see the flashback of Pinion’s brother dying. Pinion’s brother entered the whalesquid nest and never came back. Even the most basic lifeforms don’t want people sneaking around their children. This has given Pinion a drive for revenge. That is obviously not the most illogical thing out there. Everyone, both on Earth and in space thinks that these are mindless monsters and killing them shouldn’t seem like much. The interesting thing for Pinion is now that Red has pretty much eliminated the Hideauze in the area, there should be some crazy treasure available. The nest was located in the scientific complex where the Evolvers started everything. I wonder if Red is mentally capable of helping them at this point.

War will exist for all of eternity.

War will exist for all of eternity.









Current Opinion of the Show:

I can’t even describe how much I am enjoying this series right now. Some people may still be harping about how it is your classic story of soldier taken out of the war. We saw Red slowly adapt to certain things and even learn to care for a local girl. Red then finds out that the war he is fighting is not what it appears to be. The line between good and evil has been blurred and our soldier is questioning his entire life’s meaning. I will admit that we have seen this story before. I will even admit that we have seen this story more often than we need to see it. However, people who are familiar with my reviews should know that I value quality of writing over originality. At this point, most of the solid idea have been used. It is up to writers to make their stories unique through interesting additions to the skeleton or solid writing in general. When you think of a cliché concept, you know that some stories have done it better than others. Try to watch shows and movies independent of everything else and see if you like it. It is as simple as that.

This was meant to pull at the heartstrings.

This was meant to pull at the heartstrings.

Now that the general stuff has been handled, let’s get back on the fact that the Hideauze are genetically altered humans. What the fuck? On the list of things that I did not see coming, that is near the top. The theory that humans were at war wasn’t crazy though. Had they said that the Hideauze were biological weapons that were not humans, then I could have kept my composure. Having the same director as Mahou Shoujo Magical Madoka had people worried that there would be some crazy tragedy in this series. Does Red vaporizing these babies count? That is actually left to your interpretation. Duc asked me if I was fine with the Hideauze being vaporized since they have gone through this change. I said yes because I am alright with human casualties of war if they are necessary. Hitler had to die guys. Bryan disagreed, but he values human life far more than I do. It was that damn close up of the larvae that got him. I am pretty sure that was the desired effect. I wonder what is going to happen now that Red knows that information. Chamber stated that the tapes could be an enemy plot, but no one is buying that. We have some major questions that need answering. Will Red continue to fight the Hideauze if Pinion and Flange request it? Will Red return to Gargantia? Will Red tell everyone the truth and how will they take it? Do the Earth Hideauze still have human brains? How did that last Hideauze that Chamber killed survive until the present day? There are a lot of questions that I didn’t even list because there is that much going on. That last question brings up an interesting theory that Bryan has. He thinks that Red could have been transported into the past, but he is fine with the way things are. I consider that to be very unlikely, but Red was thrown through a wormhole and the state of that last Hideauze has me troubled. Overall, I just can’t wait to see what happens next.

War is a good escape from your actual problems.

War is a good escape from your actual problems.


3 responses to “Impression – Suisei no Gargantia, Episode 09

  1. This episode felt really full on after the last several, where plot took a back seat to the slice-of-life material, but as a whole I enjoyed it. It didn’t feel rushed, and the twist with the Hideauze made sense without being entirely predictable, which I have a lot of respect for.

    • The direction that they are taking this series in is pretty nice. I completely agree with you when it comes to the twist. That picture of the Hideauze larvae is pretty haunting and I have a lot of questions regarding their evolution at this point in time. Overall Suisei no Gargantia is starting to distinguish itself as my favorite series this season.

      • I too am really enjoying this series. I never realized the twist even as it was happening until the tapes. As he was slaughtering the babies my brain recognized the “larvae” as humans but it just didn’t register yet. I’m stoked for next weeks episode.

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