Poll – Which Pixar Movie Franchise is Your Favorite?


Coming off the heels of Monsters University, the Mahou Tofu asks you for your personal favorite movie franchise from Pixar. Obviously, sequels and such are grouped under the bigger franchise for cleanliness.

If you want to say which specific movie is your favorite, tell us in the comments!


4 responses to “Poll – Which Pixar Movie Franchise is Your Favorite?

    • I have seen Up melt frozen hearts. It is in a very close race for second in my personal rankings.

      • Brave made me cry, too so it was really hard. And Toy Story, well, I was 10 when it came out. It was MADE for my generation. But yeah…Up. They play with a lot of tough concepts in that one and they pulled it off with aplomb.

  1. I thought I’d be the only one voting for Wall-E. Such a great and underrated film. More than any other film they’ve done, Wall-E caught my wonder and imagination. If the film weren’t so dark in it’s theme, I’m sure it would have done better.

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