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Talk about a crazy first episode. Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi is a series from Madhouse Studios based on a manga of the same name. Before I get into things, I should warn you that there are a lot of references to Christianity and this seems like a very dark story. If you are uncomfortable with either of those things, then you may want to avoid this series. Having said that, I am very interested in this series and I will be getting to the first episode right now.

That is pretty intense.

That is pretty intense.

The rest of that quote talks about how people no longer died on Earth. On a Sunday, God stated that Heaven and Hell had become too crowded and that Earth would soon get to that point as well. Thus, God forsook the Earth. When he left, people no longer died. That may seem like a blessing, but it was really a curse. Your body would stay animated even though your flesh began to rot. Think of it as a zombie apocalypse where the zombies do not eat you or turn you into one of them, but they are a constant reminder that you will soon share the same fate as them due to old age. This is not the life that people were meant to live. Thus, God granted the Earth one final miracle. The grave keepers are the only beings on Earth that can allow people to rest in peace. Obviously, there is a special burial process involved.

That is a sad sight.

That is a sad sight.

A young girl in a village loses her mother. The people around her state that the seven-year old girl must become a grave keeper because her mother was one. Entrusting such a job to a child is harsh, but the villagers are very kind. They all bring her sweets and pamper her after a long day of digging graves that will one day be filled. A young couple took her in and they live a happy life. One day, a strange man visits the village and kills everyone. Well, except for the young grave keeper. Nothing can be done to save them. All that the young girl can do is bury her loved ones. However, things are not as they seem. Grave keepers have no parents, so this girl should not have a mother. Grave keepers would not attack a living person, but the young girl is filled with rage after this mysterious man took her loved ones away. Remember, he didn’t actually kill them. Only grave keepers can kill someone. So, what is this little girl and why was she lied to?


Good-bye God.

Good-bye God.


As of the first episode, we only know of two characters for the most part. There are a lot of dead villagers that shouldn’t be coming back and I don’t know if they will be very important moving forward.

Ai¬†is the main character. She is a young girl that thought she was taking on the family business when she started digging graves. Ai is your typical young girl. She loves sweets and is very energetic. Unfortunately, you are forced to grow up pretty fast when you are the last member of your village. The biggest question regarding her is what she truly is. Why would people tell her that she is a grave keeper if she wasn’t one at all?

Humpnie Humbert¬†is a young man who claims to be a cruel person. I shouldn’t use the word “claims” because he did take out an entire village of people. Even though he shares the same name as Ai’s supposed father, he claims to have no connection to the little girl. Apparently, the name is an alias that he uses. The name is actually from a fairy tale which puts more mystery around Ai.

I have some guesses regarding that statement.

I have some guesses regarding that statement.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I really enjoyed the first episode of this series. The story is so different from everything that I have seen recently that it is refreshing. Also, I like the way that Japanese writers use Christianity in their stories. This new concept of death is very interesting and I would call it a new twist on the zombie genre if said zombies were a bigger deal. They still can be because this is only the first episode. There are a couple of things that have me interested right now. The fact that the old man still had control of his mental faculties while missing half of his head is intriguing. Do the zombies simply live a painful life with rotting flesh? Also, the statement made by Anna has me interested. Even though she said that it was odd to have children, the Humpnie guy didn’t say that no one has children. I assume that this is due to one of two things. The first is the lack of death on Earth. If life has trouble leaving the world, then it probably has trouble entering it as well. The second is much sadder in my opinion. That is the fact that the state of the world is so bad that people don’t want to bring a child into said world. Either way, it was sad to see that nice couple die in the first episode. It is even sadder that Ai had to bury all of the people who were so nice to her. Overall, this story has me very intrigued and I need to know more.

People would wish for death in this situation.

People would wish for death in this situation.

4 responses to “Impression – Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi, Episode 01

  1. I wonder if it’ll be a lot like the manga, which at times didn’t make much sense or carry the weight you think the topic would/should carry. The art style could be confusing as well. But the initial idea is a really interesting one.

    Aichan is likable enough to want to continue viewing and Humpnie’s duality is always fun to watch (he can be really kind one minute and a monster the next). Plus, there are a few other characters who are introduced in passing from time to time, who seem to make things a touch more complicated.

    What first drew me, was the name. I hope it can keep me interested because I would REALLY like to know what is up with the whole grave digger thing.

    • Yeah, a lot of the stuff is pretty interesting. I would be very sad if this became a confusing or scattered series because I need something unique like this in a world that is dominated by school romances.

  2. o.o

    Hmmm. I wonder if I’m the only person who noticed, but I think the entire village was dead before the anime even started.

    The manga is actually somewhat confusing in the beginning, but it gets more and more clearer later.

    • Well, the way that the guy reacted when Ai first came down from the graves was a bit of a tell. In my mind, he was the only one though. I didn’t really get that vibe from anyone else at the time. It looks like I was wrong.

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