Impression – Blood Lad, Episode 05

Blood Lad








Staz is my favorite character from this season. Why you ask? Well, he enjoys a lot of the same things that I do for one. There is that and the fact that he is ridiculously strong. The guy has a strong will and he is fairly funny. Staz is a well-rounded character that stands out in this season.

Time for a level up.

Well, Staz actually didn’t beat the zombies when he made that challenge. In fact, they kicked his ass. One defeat doesn’t stop Staz, but repeated attempts are getting boring for the zombies. They want permission to kill Staz from his sister. Unfortunately from them, the eldest brother showed up and has something to say about this. Apparently, it is Staz’s lack of ability that is also a part of the disrespect that he gets from his little sister. It was confirmed the bullet in Staz’s chest is suppressing his true power and that those attempts on his life were actually experiments conducted in order to bring out Staz’s true potential. That power was too great and it had to be suppressed until his body was ready for it. Plot convenience kicked in when his brother stated that he was not only ready for it, but his power was needed to take on an experiment gone wrong. Oh yeah, and Fuyumi is kind of disappearing. They can save her, but the doctor will only do it if Wolf defeats the same guy that Staz’s brother wants taken down. Wolf won’t die, but I can’t imagine that he will be able to beat the guy. He lost to Staz in the boxing match while he still had his powers suppressed. I guess that things will be handled in the next episode.

That is scary stuff.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I am really enjoying what I have seen. There is some new attention to action and the demon world that I am happy to see. Staz already had some pretty interesting abilities and I am excited to see what happens now that he has all of his powers unlocked. I like Wolf’s character and all, but I am not sure how he will try to keep up with the new Staz. If you want to say that the structure of the boxing match is what helped Staz and that Wolf would excel in a street fight, then I may give him some credit. However, he is going to require an actual power up if anyone wants me to believe that he is on Staz’s level. Technically, no one has stated that yet, but I am sure that they will be rivals moving forward. This upcoming fight should not only be exciting, but it should also provide a measure for the abilities of certain people. By the way, I really like this enemy. He is like the monster from Jeepers Creepers, but bad ass. That movie series was average at best when it comes to horror movies. They didn’t even scare me. I have high hopes for this fight.

Braz asks the real questions.

I find Staz’s family to be very interesting. His brother is very smart and knows how to get his way. He may ask odd things, but you can tell that he knows what he is doing. I don’t like him nearly as much as Staz, but Braz is a nice character. Liz is adorable if you ask me. I want to see more fighting from her possibly some from Braz. Overall, it is nice that things get explained quickly and he story is moving at a nice pace. I am used to entire arcs being spent on uncovering family secrets and whatnot. I hope that we eventually get to see what is going on with Wolf’s family history. I think that it could be pretty cool. I am mostly hoping that this series continues after this season because I am really starting to like it on another level. I have quite a few friends that are watching it and everyone likes it so far. I am not exactly sure what will happen next because I doubt that Staz will resurrect Fuyumi in the next five episodes, but anything is possible. I just don’t know what happens after she becomes a human again.

That is adorable.

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