Impression – Senyuu. 2, Episode 06

Senyuu. 2








Was this episode funny? That is for you to decide. There was a laugh to be had here and there, but things were actually serious this time around. Is that even possible? Let’s find out.

That was the height of the comedy.

Alba got out and Hime is not dead. Both of those things were to be expected, but they didn’t really spend much time on that side of the story. The important stuff is still going on elsewhere. Juli ambushed the gang, but everyone seemed to be fine. Samejima took on the damage that was meant for everyone to emphasize his manliness. Juana seems to think that Samejima is dead, but I am not sure if they would actually do that in this series. The truly surprising thing that has happened is the fight that is currently going on. Juana has taken up arms against Juli and some interesting information has been revealed in the process. Dezember is the one that summoned the great demons for various roles. Juana is meant for teleportation and Juli is an enforcer. Apparently, a sword was stabbed into the demon lord that would resurrect the ancient hero if said sword was ever removed from Rchimedes. The problem here is the fact that no sword was present in the demon lord the last time we saw him. What happened to the sword? Is Samejima really dead? What happened to the comedy?

Wait for the next episode.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I enjoyed the serious change of pace that we got in this episode. Even if the focus on serious action was part of a complex joke regarding the nature of the series, I did enjoy that. Heck, I enjoy the fact that it is a complex joke regarding the nature of this series. I would say that we are getting closer to seeing the two groups reunite, but Alba’s crew has gotten nowhere and we don’t even know where Ross and company ended up after existing that pocket dimension. This only scares me because I don’t know how much longer they plan on airing this series. Could we see a third season? That isn’t out of the question. Can the series end by the end of this season? I can’t see it ending well with the season being half way over already. Has the original hero been resurrected? Probably and I expect him to be friends with Rchimedes in all honesty.

Watch out for rogue heroes.


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