Impression – Senyuu. 2, Episode 07

Senyuu. 2








I did say that the hero was probably resurrected already, but that wasn’t a crazy prediction. It can’t even really be called a prediction because they basically said that he was back. I just wonder how he came back in the first place.

That would have been bad for everyone.

Things are starting to go much better on both fronts. Hime’s armor has successfully been transformed into a motorcycle, but it does lack proper seating for the entire party. Alba is inside of a canon and Foifoi is being dragged behind the entire setup. That is probably better for Hime because she may not be able to handle Foifoi riding on top of her armor. On the other end, Ross saved Juana from getting killed by Juli. That saved everyone because Juli was not supposed to kill Juana. They still need him for entering that dimensional rift. The question here is in regards to the connection that Ross has to Dezember. Is Ross the ancient Hero? If not, then I think that this series is starting to get too complicated for its own good. Being something else isn’t crazy, but we have time restrictions that do not favor the bold. Watch out for more predictable things forever.

Can we not?

Current Opinion of the Show:

I am still enjoying things. Although, there are a few questions that need to be asked. Where are the rest of the month-themed demons? They may all show up pretty soon, but I don’t know what they plan on doing after this upcoming event. That is the problem honestly. Dezember may end up fighting the ancient hero soon and that feels like it is endgame. Oh well, I still can’t see them ending this series that quickly. Alba and company haven’t even gotten to brawl yet. Although, Alba’s absence from the action may be part of the larger joke that is Alba. I am a little disappointed by the lack of screen time for characters like Hime and Ares. I find them entertaining and they have yet to serve a great deal of purpose in the story. Ross is my favorite character, but show the others some love.

The probable hero has returned.

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