Impression – Dangan Ronpa the Animation, Episode 07

Celes should have explained her strange dream a bit more...

Celes should have explained her strange dream a bit more…

Episode 07

Continuing from the tragic events in last week’s episode, our heroes have re-discovered the bodies of their fallen friends and have realized that both Hagakure and Kirigiri are missing.  This leads the group into believing that one of them has to be the culprit behind the two murders.  Before long, Kirigiri appears before Naegi and requests that he gathers everyone at the poolside, to reveal that “Justice Robo” had been shoved in a locker.  The gang unmasks the robot to reveal a confused Hagakure, who could barely move in the tight suit.  Naegi quickly takes notes of some of the design flaws of the suit before running off with Kirigi to re-examine the corpses and crime scenes.

I knew this guy was trouble...right?

Justice Robo…..*sigh*

After the duo picks up a few more pieces of evidence from the investigation, the trial begins immediately.  The gang places a ton of suspicion on Hagakure due to his position as “Justice Robo,” but Naegi soon proves his innocence by pointing out how the suit limited mobility too much to perform any of the crimes.  Although Celes reluctantly agrees with Naegi’s argument, she then shifts the suspicions on Kirigiri for also being absent during the discoveries of the corpses.  Kirigiri easily deters this by pointing out the likelihood of Yamada merely pretending to be dead the first time, and being the culprit behind moving Ishimaru’s body into the art room.  As Naegi points out that this is very possible due to the differences in Yamada’s glasses between the events, the group soon finds that there was plenty of evidence to prove Yamada to be guilty.

Wow, this was unexpected and scary...

Wow, this was unexpected and scary…

Despite their progress, MonoKuma points out that there is a true culprit amongst the remaining members and presses everyone to make a conclusion.  The gang then falls silent thanks to the dead end they’ve reached, but Naegi’s impeccable memory allows him to realize that Celes was the true culprit due to her strange statement upon first finding Yamada “dead.”  Celes then reveals her crazy side before engaging Naegi in a heated MTB.  Naegi wins the heated debate by requesting that Celes shows everyone her Student ID which displayes her true name.  Celes easily admits defeat before accepting her final fate and bidding everyone farewell.  After MonoKuma delivers the tragic and brutal execution, Kirigiri reveals a secret location to Naegi and asks him to investigate it.  Naegi goes to a hidden room in the boy’s restroom of the second floor and discovers several documents.  Soon after his discovery, a masked stranger appeared and knocked him out.  Naegi awakens in a very confused state and stumbles into the gym to find a strange battle between Sakura and MonoKuma before the episode ends.

Hmmm...yeah she's still creepy.  Sorry, I thought you guys would enjoy another one of these pics. XD

Hmmm…still creepy. Sorry, I thought you guys would enjoy another one of these pics. XD

This episode was pretty enjoyable, despite a few minor things being cut from the events in the video game again.  The investigation was pretty interesting and the trial was decently adapted, in comparison to the previous one.  The MTB between Naegi and Celes was my favorite part of the episode, as I was fairly surprised by the way they animated Celes.  Overall, I’d say this episode was much more enjoyable for me than the previous two episodes.  I’m glad that they decided to split this chapter into two parts in order to capture more of the events and give a bit more time for the investigations.  The cliffhanger at the end was also very good, so I certainly look forward to next week’s episode.

Things are going to get very real....soon...

Things are going to get very real….soon…

One response to “Impression – Dangan Ronpa the Animation, Episode 07

  1. Case 3 was a pretty fun watch, though I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as the second case. I found that I had almost no sympathy for Yamada or Celes, though that’s partially because Ishimaru was the one who got offed. Those Celes faces though…….wow. We’d seen them once before with Yamada and the tea but this was quite something.

    And the episode’s conclusion was quite the cliffhanger indeed. When I was watching through this with my friend, this was the last episode I got around to and I was very much curious about what happened afterward. Sure enough, case 4 would prove to be quite interesting as well.

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