Impression – Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya, Episode 08


Episode 08 – “I’ll Be a Normal Girl Again”

This week, we experience the aftermath of the falling out between Illya and Miyu. Illya’s close encounter with death last episode acted as a sort of wake up call for her. You know, most mahou shoujo in other series don’t get these second chances so I think it may have been prudent of Illya to reevaluate the risks involved in the job description. Also, most mahou shoujo don’t get the luxury of simply writing a letter resignation and delivering it on a piece of bamboo like Illya does.

Even her friends and teacher have a hell of a time trying to get the two to make up. Bad drawings and cross-cultural story writing can’t seem to lift her spirits, as the awkward air between Illya and Miyu grows. I have to give some credit to their teacher’s enthusiasm though. Though, given the circumstances, even I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea how to write a story based on whatever the hell that girl was drawing.


Sella and her sister, Leysritt, worry about Illya’s well being. However, they (i.e. Sella) quickly become more concerned about their own breast sizes. In the end, Illya decides it’s best to resign from her position as Ruby’s mahou shoujo and never involving herself with the Class Cards again. After all, there’s only one card left, which is Berserker. I was wondering why they didn’t leave Saber for last. But then I realized there’s significance for Berserker to be the final card because he was Illya’s Servant in Fate/stay night.

We also learn how Miyu came into Luvia’s care. After Sapphire left Luvia, she contracted with Miyu. In exchange for looking for the Class Cards, she requests Luvia for a home to stay and food to eat. We’d heard this last episode, but it’s more impactful to actually see the event take place. However, we still don’t know why Miyu was left on the streets in the first place.


While everyone’s more than fine with Illya’s decision, I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of mahou shoujo Illya. Not only is her name in the title, I don’t think Miyu will be able to fight Berserker by herself. Sure, she was able to defeat Rider well enough, but I think Berserker might be a tougher cookie to crack. The question is, what kind of circumstances will be strong enough to bring Illya out of retirement?


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