Impression – Senyuu. 2, Episode 09

Senyuu. 2








The questions regarding Ross and the demon lord have been answered to an extent. Ross can use his powers, but using them too much could awaken the demon lord and even Ruki thinks that is a bad idea. Unfortunately, that means the group is out of luck in this fight. Well, that was until the rest of the gang showed up and the numbers actually matter again.

Juli is being underwhelming again.

Well, that cannon shot was actually useful. Why do I say that it was useful? Bringing Alba wasn’t really important. He hit his head against Juli which stalled things, but that is about as useful as Alba will be. The fact that everyone’s gear was shot with him is what’s important. Now Ross can fight without magic. Also, Alba ruined the manliness factor that Samejima brings, so fuck you Alba. On the other hand, the rest of the group showed up and that is a good thing. The real questions start there. How did Ares know where to go in order to meet up with the others? They were supposed to head to the castle and unless Ross and company teleported onto the path, then something is up. I would say that we would find out in the next episode, but I never know how much we are actually going to get out of each one.

Ares don’t give a fuck.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I am still onboard with this series. I am glad that everyone has finally reunited, but not because of the battle implications. No, I needed the comedy that comes along with Alba and Ross being together. It is pretty funny and we already got a taste of the sadistic banter. Also, everyone gets in on the Alba abuse and I think that is what really matters here. Oh yeah, and it is much easier to juggle the screen time for characters now that they are all in one place. We no longer have to jump between areas and groups of people, so the story is going to feel a little more coherent at this stage of the season. That is good because things are almost over. We have like a month left before the next anime season really kicks off. Do I think that this season will give Senyuu. some closure? No, so I think we may get a third season. I wouldn’t be surprised at that one.

Don’t do that to Samejima.

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