Impression – Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist, Episode 09

Makai Ouji







The war is on. That is right, heaven has invaded hell and William is to blame. Can you really say that an entire war was caused by one man? Yes you can because that is what is going on right now. What is interesting about this war? We are starting to meet some very interesting people and we are even learning more about some of the older ones.

Ecstasy is not so easily obtained.

I already said it, but it deserves mentioning again. War is upon us. Michael has sent his forces into hell to force a distraction. While Dantalion and company are away, William will be left defenseless. What is something that I did not expect to happen? Kevin actually performing the ecstasy ceremony. Well, if it wasn’t for William’s lack of faith, that is exactly what would have happened. The ceremony could not go through because ecstasy requires a certain level of faith from the subject. Unfortunately, William is an atheist that will not become a pawn of heaven so easily. On the battlefield, things are really heating up as they show an old love. What would drive a man to commit crimes, sell his soul to a demon, and lose all rationale? A woman. I am not trying to be sexist, I am just saying that people will do crazy things for love. That is what we have here. A saint that was taken from her beloved is now leading the charge against hell. The man with the broken heart has been sent out as a guard to stop William from being taken by heaven. Dantalion has decided to save Kevin from death, so this war is not as black and white as it should be. What is Dantalion planning?

Humans are easily persuaded.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I am very happy with the way that things are proressing. Do you know what I did not expect from this series? Fleshed out backstories for minor characters. That is exactly what we got during this episode. I really enjoyed what we saw from this story. A woman who became a pawn of heaven due to her love of the lord and a man who gave up everything in order to see her again. Temptation comes from a lot of places. The odd thing here is the fact that the guy that says the Nephilim will be no more is the one that created one. I don’t know about the benefit that comes along with receiving a human soul, but the guy clearly wants to get rid of what I assume quite a few people would consider to be the scum of hell. Humans that take on the role of upper class demons. I assume that they aren’t all royalty, but they are of a higher level than your average demon. I want to know the story behind this one.

That is not a pleasant face.

Kevin really surprised me in this episode. He refused to kill William, but he had every intention to go through with the ecstasy ceremony. I guess that William’s soul would find its way to heaven, but forcibly removing his personality to create a pawn is pretty harsh for someone who appears to really care about William. Obviously, Kevin has changed over the years, but I was shocked by this turn of events. The guy used to be a very cruel angel and Solomon has always been mouthy it seems. Although there seems to have been a change of heart, I can’t look at Kevin the same way anymore. Will he team up with Dantalion to do what is best for William? I can honestly say that I would expect that, but I am not sure if that will happen anymore. What do I know? There is no way that this story will be over by the time the season ends. Does this mean a second season? I am not sure because I don’t know much about the popularity regarding this series. I can say that it needs one and that I would be happy to watch one.

I must be really strong.

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