Impression – Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist, Episode 08

Makai Ouji







The church always gets to look crazy in anime. Why is that? There are a lot of possible reasons, but I am not going to get into them right now. What I do want to get into is the new boy in school. Eden is actually the archangel Michael. Even though he is a leader in heaven, the guy has been made out to be the bad guy. Do we have to do rough things to get what we want? Yes, but this is getting a little out of hand.

William needs to stop this realist shit.

Things got really heated really quickly in this episode. Michael shows up to abuse Kevin. Michael was the one that defeated Lucifer and removed a wing from Uriel’s back. Glamor does not come with the title of enforcer. Kevin’s approach with William has been deemed too soft and Michael has chosen to step in. Instead of the direct approach that the demons have chosen, Michael has decided to force an answer out of William. What is the question you ask?

Do you prefer God or the demons?

They are putting a lot of pressure on a guy that refuses to believe in either one. Michael has attempted to strong-arm an answer out of William by getting him accused of cheating. That didn’t work, so the new plan is to force ecstasy upon the young man. That is not good and Dantalion will not stand for such a thing. Michael was forced to retreat, but a lot of things are happening right now. Lucifer may not awaken, so William may be choosing the new permanent ruler of hell. It is because of that that Astaroth wants to protect William in hell. Oh yeah, and Dantalion knows about Kevin’s true identity. Things are really kicking off now that heaven has gotten involved.

This is not uncommon in the more violent parts of the bible.

Current Opinion of the Show:

Things are getting very interesting. I am waiting for a war to break out. What makes this war special? I assume that there will be three sides all fighting one another. The people who are trying to protect William in hell would include various pillars and the people who will aid them. The people who are trying to gain control of hell by force will include members of hell that do not ally themselves with the pillars. The people who wish to remove William from his position as the elector will include the members of heaven excluding Kevin. I assume that Kevin will not be trying to give William ecstasy. I know that this is a shoujo series, but I am expecting a bit of a struggle here. This part of the series won’t lack fighting, so I want to know what level of fighting we are going to get. It obviously won’t be on Dragon Ball Z level, but an entire episode dedicated to battle would feel odd as well. I don’t know. Just let me see Dantalion go all out without trying to kill William and I will be fine.

That is just funny.

I may be looking in all of the wrong places, but this series doesn’t act like any shoujo that I have encountered before. The boys may be beautiful, but there is action and a plot that I can get on board with. Is this what people are reading when they talk about BL? Not pornographic BL, but BL in general. If so, I don’t think that I would be opposed to watching and reading more stuff like this. I am a big fan of the plot in this story and the BL doesn’t bother me that much. I don’t know about you, but I have seen far more graphic stuff in my day. I am much more bothered by the ridiculously sexual stuff that occurs in every harem series ever made. It is unnecessary and I think it takes away from a series. Do I have any complaints about this series as a whole? Not really. I would prefer to see more from Isaac, but I understand why they downplay his role. Isaac is not meant to be the focus of the story and he mainly serves to be the exact opposite of William. Having said that, I think that Isaac is funny and the comedy in this series is fairly enjoyable. Oh well, I look forward to more.

That is a horrible way to cheat. You get caught way too easily.

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