Impression – Blood Lad, Episode 07

Blood Lad








Do any of you have younger siblings? I have two and I can tell you that I don’t have the best of relationships with them. We don’t hate each other or anything, but we aren’t a Hallmark family either. My sister and I hangout, but that is pretty much it. My brother and I coexist. That is honestly better than what most families can say. Staz is starting to fix some of those issues that he has with the family.

That is adorable.

This was a fairly interesting episode. Braz ended up bouncing after a very short stay. He took some magic samples from Fuyumi and criticized the territory that Staz is in charge of. Liz stayed behind on orders from Braz to keep Staz from interfering in some very important research. What was Liz exposed to during her stay? Horrible things if you ask me. Staz bought her a stuffed animal, Fuyumi cooked Japanese food for everyone, Liz was forced to watch anime, and Fuyumi even spent time with her. Wait a second. That doesn’t sound horrible at all. I guess that Staz leads a pretty fun life. The festivities culminated in Fuyumi bathing and sleeping with Liz like any sane anime girl would do. Although Liz seemed reluctant to spend this time with her, she definitely enjoyed herself. Even though Liz has a tough outer shell, she is just lonely. Growing up in that house was not good for her from a caring standpoint. Unfortunately, the fun was cut short by a kidnapping. Fuyumi was taken and everyone is on the case. Liz is even defying Braz for Fuyumi’s sake. That is pretty big if you ask me.

This guy looks really creepy.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I am enjoying the direction that this series is taking. We are getting to see some of the corruption that is running through the demon world as Staz is forced to fight tough demons and abominations of science. I want to see what Braz has going on because it is sure to be interesting. Looking into the new-found powers of Staz is cool and I would like to see what he finds. On the other hand, I do doubt that he will resurrect Fuyumi without requesting more favors from Staz. I don’t doubt his ability to do it, but he is not done using Staz. Also, I hope that the kidnapper is linked to the person that gave Franken that specimen. Why is that? I need the two to be linked because that is the only way that I can see the plot progressing properly from this point on. This is already the seventh episode and we haven’t gotten very far in my opinion. We are only getting ten episodes.

Someone wants that odd plushie.

I am very interested in Liz. Her character is interesting and she is really starting to build something during her stay in the regular demon world. Her relationship with Fuyumi is really nice even though I have a personal issue with it. I just think that Staz and Bell would make a good couple even though the series isn’t pushing it. That is probably an unpopular opinion, but it is mine. Back on Liz. I want to see how she handles defying Braz for the first time in her entire life. I assume that this will not be easy for her. On another note, what the hell is Bell up to? I know that she will not be a non-factor in this little sequence that we are going through. I wouldn’t like it if she only showed up due to the damn bell thing. On that note, does Fuyumi even have the bell? The manner in which she was abducted is odd and I assume that taking it with her would have been tough. It seems as though someone with powers that are similar to Bell’s is behind this, but one can never know when dealing with the supernatural. All I know is that there are a lot of things on my mind in regards to this series and that is a good thing.

That was sexual.

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