Impression – Blood Lad, Episode 08

Blood Lad








I got my wish in more ways than one. Staz is cool and all, but I am pretty interested in some of the less important characters. I was hoping that Bell would be somewhat important this time around and it looks like she is. That is a good thing. Also, it looks like we may get to see something from Wolf’s past. I am still upset over the fact that Wolf kind of sucks as a fighter though.

It was definitely dimensional magic.

Well, Fuyumi did take that bell with her when she was kidnapped and she was kidnapped by someone with powers that are similar to Bell’s. How similar? Fuyumi was kidnapped by Bell’s younger brother on orders from their mother. It is because of this that even though Bell was going to help Fuyumi, she didn’t initially because of her mother. Instead, she fought with Staz and was winning for the most part until she lost a little more clothing than is allowed in a television series. That wasn’t the important part because she definitely could have left to get a change of clothes. Her treasure log was in the bag that she lost and it has some pretty embarrassing stuff in it. Apparently, Staz is a treasure that she is after and it would reveal her true feelings to him through a drunken rant. After admitting defeat Bell decided to help Staz even though she is very upset about the fact that he only has eyes for Fuyumi. Staz ends up acting pretty cool which is both good and bad in this situation. Oh yeah, and Braz got arrested and is being taken to Wolf Daddy. I assume that the king is Wolf’s dad.

I wish that he did.

Current Opinion of the Show:

Things are getting pretty interesting. I do want to know why Bell’s mom wants Fuyumi and why Bell seemed pretty set on letting her have the ghost. I don’t think it was an attempt to have Staz all to herself because she knows that such tactics would not work. Unfortunately for people who ship Staz and Bell, that is something that we are all going to have to deal with. I am happy about the fact that Bell is looking to be fairly important right now. I like her character and it would be a shame if the series only focused on Staz and Fuyumi moving forward. What do I expect from this little arc? I honestly can’t say. These events have kind of thrown my mind out of whack when it comes to this series. Is Bell’s mother related to Braz and Franken in any way? Possibly, but I find that to be unlikely. I would like to know how much control Braz has over the demon world prison though. He has Franken conducting experiments for him even though the guy is a prisoner.

This guy must be an asshole.

Wolf Daddy has me very intrigued. I am wondering whether or not we are going to see a reunion between the king and his discarded son. I don’t know if we will over the next two episodes and that makes me think that there has to be more material. Having said that, it has been obvious for a while now that things would be that way. Something interesting is the statement made by Liz. She said that Wolf Daddy took her parents away and that makes me think that Braz may be trying to use Staz as a means to overthrow the king. If the entire demon world is ruled by power like the lower end is, then I assume that Staz may be a tool for taking revenge on the man who broke apart a family. That is my train of thought and I hope that I am right in all honesty. Why is that? I would like to see some more fighting. Although, it would only seem right if Wolf was the one to beat his dad. Unfortunately, that is something that I can’t see happening. They have made Wolf a very underwhelming character. Was this done for the purpose of showing the difference between noble demons and the rest? Possibly, but I still don’t like it.

I want them to be together more than you can imagine.

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