Impression – Blood Lad, Episode 06

Blood Lad








Do you know what I really hated about Dragon Ball Z? Even though Gohan would become ridiculously strong, he would never finish fights. He would use his strength to toy with his opponents and that always caused way too much trouble. His dad died in the Cell Saga because of it and everything went to shit in the Buu Saga because he didn’t finish the damn job. What do I like about Staz? He gets shit done.

Now that is a serious man.

Wolf started things off by taking on the super phantom. Wolf transformed, but he can only maintain that state for three minutes, so the fight needed to be over quickly. Even though Wolf became very powerful and he ended up chopping the guy to bits, it did not work. This monster is but a phantom that controls body parts with magic. Even broken bones do not stop his rampage. How do you stop a guy like this? Bring in the new and improved Staz. Unfortunately, he didn’t look so improved at first because he was playing around. Staz even tried out a kamehameha wave, but they showed off how inefficient that technique is. What our monster did not know is that you can’t talk shit about Goku in front of Staz. In one move Staz nearly kills the guy and he would have finished the job if Bell didn’t save the guy. Franken needed his monster in tact, but both the monster and Franken were sent to jail. Now Staz is going to be sent on a new task by his brother, but not before they try to save Fuyumi. Oh yeah, and Wolf challenged Staz, but that didn’t go well. It is cool because they are bros.

Stop making faces like that.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I am enjoying this series. I would prefer it if they didn’t show Fuyumi like this, but I can deal with it. What I really enjoyed were the Dragon Ball Z references. That kamehameha wave was hilarious, but Fuyumi’s reaction was even better. I guess that Goku is off-limits when it comes to criticism in this series. That better not be true around all of Japan because Goku wasn’t perfect and his series, although entertaining, was highly flawed. That is just a fact. I guess the question is what the next enemy is going to be. I assume that it is whoever sent Franken that demon, but I can’t be sure of that. What can I be sure of? I think that Staz will have a somewhat easy fight. He just won’t want to have to deal with all of this bullshit. Unless something gets done about Fuyumi because that is pretty important to Staz. On that note, I want to know how they plan to keep her up and running now that Franken is gone and they have basically run out of special drinks. Maybe she just needs more blood from Staz.

I feel bad for Wolf.

I do think that it is nice to see Staz using his powers and not spending ages toying with his opponents, but I do want to see a real fight. This means that Staz would have to encounter a real opponent, but it would be nice to get something that is more than just Staz being lazy leading into Staz destroying someone. The only appeal of this is that it reflects his personality quite well. Why try hard? A question that I have is in regards to the relative level of his powers. If we assume that Wolf is one of the strongest demons that rule over a territory, then we can assume that Staz has no place on the lower levels of the demon world. If we assume that Staz is a cut above the rest when it comes to nobility as well, then I don’t know if we will be seeing a good fight anytime soon. I would question whether or not Staz would return to his territory after all of this is over, but it is pretty obvious that he enjoys that simple life that he leads on the lower levels of the demon world. The question is whether or not Fuyumi will be a part of that life. I am rooting for Bell personally, but that might just be me.

I was waiting for this.

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