Impression – Blood Lad, Episode 09

Blood Lad








A lot of important stuff happened in this episode. Why does Bell’s mom want Fuyumi? That was answered. How did Wolf Daddy take Braz’s mom and dad away? That was answered. What is the point of the experiment that made the phantom guy? That was answered. Those are a lot of answers.

Do you like impactful images?

Yes, that is Wolf Daddy holding the still-beating heart of Braz’s dad. Apparently, Braz’s dad was the king of the demon world, but that all changed when Wolf Daddy took action. The new body for the experiment that Braz and Franken are working on is apparently a tool for war. Braz has declared war on Wolf Daddy and that means things are really starting to kick off. Braz ended up escaping questioning and is currently on the run. On the other side of things, stuff is just as crazy. Staz showed up and he plans on sticking around by claiming to be Bell’s boyfriend. That fell through when it turned out that Braz and Bell’s mom like to text each other. That wasn’t the oddest thing that happened though. It turns out that humans have Doppelganger in the demon world. What happens when the two meet? A legend says that they both die, but they actually merge bodies. Bell’s mom and Fuyumi’s mom were Doppelgangers that merged and that is how Fuyumi’s mom disappeared. Thus, Bell’s mom wanted Fuyumi because she is her mom. That was crazy. Oh yeah, and she doesn’t want her daughter to be resurrected.

That was an interesting turn of events.

Current Opinion of the Show:

This series just threw me for a loop in a very good way. Let’s start with the stuff regarding the Doppelgangers. I am barely going to talk about the concept because it is that ridiculous, but I can’t say that I hate it. What I really want to know is the reason behind the mother not wanting Fuyumi to be resurrected. Does she want to keep all of her children with her? That does make sense, but it is bad for the human half’s husband. Is she not thinking about the fact that he is without his daughter and wife now? That kind of sucks. Even though Staz did that stuff with the whole memory altering spit, it still doesn’t sit well as a long-term solution. I wonder what Fuyumi will do from this point on. It must be rough meeting your mom again after all this time in this situation. Also, she has to deal with that statement from Bell. The fact that the resurrection may erase her memories from her time as a ghost sets up a pretty standard anime situation. Do I leave behind all of the fun times that I had for my old life? Do I abandon my old life and lead this new one? Not an easy decision if you ask me.

Who else wants to see Staz kill this guy?

Having said that, I doubt that any actual killing will go down. I assume that Staz will be the one to fight him after the experiment falls through because the hero has to have this moment. The powers that threatened his life as a child have been brought back to a young man with a chance to avenge his parents. Although I can see it happening, it would kind of suck if the person that keeps Wolf Daddy alive is Wolf. It would be that classic situation where the estranged family member does something for the undeserving idiot that threw him out in the first place. Honestly, that is so common that I would be disappointed if that were to happen in this series. I think we can be done with that because I don’t even think it would have been cool the first time. It is a load of overly sentimental crap that doesn’t need to happen. What we need is for Staz to crush Wolf Daddy’s heart like he tried with everyone else. That would be some pretty sweet revenge. Anyone that says an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind obviously hasn’t dealt with a real revenge situation.

I wish.

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