Impression – Choujigen Game Neptune, Episode 06

Game Neptune







Did any of you own a PS3 during the hacking debacle? I honestly did not think that they would go there, but they did. The threat of stolen credit card information is what killed most people, but this episode gave us a very different threat. What did they replace credit cards with? Embarrassing photos taken by a transvestite of course. I bet you didn’t see that one coming.

That guy does not belong in this series.

That last arc dropped off a bit when it came to the parody aspect of the anime. How do you come back from that? Parody a very major event in the gaming world. The security system that Noire boasted about constantly was hacked into and that was not a good thing. What was this hacker doing with his access to the Lastation network? Spying on Noire of course. Voyeurism is the topic of today’s episode. Everyone gathered together to discuss will Noire what to do about this. Luckily, Vert stepped in to help track down this criminal. They used to power of a one-off character that was meant to be a Windows person. She has a very recognizable hair clip and a speech quirk that made her say Bill. They found out where he was and they went out to go get him. The little sisters were taking care of P-ko and trying to spy on Noire themselves. They found out that someone else was spying on her and they set off to find the culprit. The two groups ended up in the right place where the voyeur was confronted. The person in question was a transvestite in a mech suit. The guy had all kinds of pictures that Noire did not want seen like the ones that revealed her love of cosplay. They beat him up, but the guy is linked to something bigger than petty voyeurism.

Don’t tell me that you don’t recognize this character.

Current Opinion of the Show:

This is exactly what I was looking for. A comedic episode that went ridiculously over the top with the parody, but had a hint at a greater story. Talking about the PSN security breach was genius and I was laughing the entire time. There is an issue though. Will there ever be a regular male character in this series? All of the residents have been girls, there was a male mouse, and this new guy was a transvestite in a mech suit. If they wanted to make sure that all of the characters were girls, then I would understand some of this. However, we have had two male characters and Noire recently said that she was very family oriented. Given, that was used in an attempt to cover up the fact that she was cosplaying, but that brings up an interesting point. How does one start a family in this world? No one has a dad and the lack of male characters shows that it may not be so easy to start that family. It didn’t seem like Compa and IF were strangers to the concept of seduction. So who are they seducing? It can’t just be mice and transvestites. I would like to either see some male characters or have them drop stuff that would involve these men of myth.

That was unexpected.

There were a few other interesting things that happened in this episode. I was a huge fan of the Microsoft parody that took place. Not only did the character have the Windows hair pin, but she said Bill in every one of her lines. Shout out to Bill Gates. I wonder if stuff like that ever gets back to those guys or not. They obviously wouldn’t watch it, but would they bring it up in a meeting? “We were mentioned in an anime. Did we get paid for it?” That is how the mentioning would go in my mind. Aside from that, I want to see what is up with this new goddess. Her name is Plutia and she claims to be the goddess of Planeptune. That is impossible because that is Neptune’s role. What could this character be? Does anyone have the odds on whether or not she is a pirated version of Neptune? We should really get Las Vegas on this one. That wouldn’t surprise me because it would make sense when you think about the story. Also, I can’t think of another viable explanation. Oh well, we should find out soon. Do you know what I want to see more of? Noire’s cosplay. It was pretty good.

P-ko can dish out the pain.

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