Impression – Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi, Episode 07









We all know that schools get money from the government based on attendance. This is probably why they care so much about truancy. I honestly think that most public schools are more concerned about their money than the students in this regard, but I could be wrong. Well, that concept is basically the premise of this arc.

They had to find a way to fit this in eventually.

Yuri wanted Ai to attend school. Children are no longer being born, so schools will close down as the years go by. This is officially Ai’s last chance to attend a middle school before they all go extinct. The same will happen to high schools eventually. However, Yuri left the girls in the van while he went to make a phone call and Ai was captured by some men from the Gola Academy. This is a school that detains students with unique abilities. Why would you detain students? The government give you money for having students. All of the students here have unique abilities such as super strength and the ability to breathe under water. They had wishes granted in a similar vein to the way that Ulla’s mom did. Unfortunately, this adventure can’t be all fun and games because Ai is a prisoner right now. Luckily, a western witch and the boys from the academy plan on escaping. The girls are in on it now and things have yet to go south. Why is the witch here? She is interested in Ai. That seems to be a very common occurrence in this series. I wonder how this escape will go.

That is not creepy at all.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I like this. If the government is going to pay for having students, I assume that more than one school would decide to function like this one. You detain children and collect the money. Other schools have had to close down, but these people are raking in the dough. Why would they focus on students with special abilities? That has yet to be revealed, but they could plan on using them in the event of an emergency. Things like super strength come in handy when fighting. I would like to know why the western witch is interested in Ai. Has word about a new breed of human already gotten out? Word of mouth is a powerful thing and I would not be surprised if it has. What roles will these new characters play? I assume that most of them will attempt to return to their homes in the event of an escape, but some of them may have nowhere to return to. As the girls said, being sold is commonplace and I would assume that at least one of the girls was sold in this manner. The world must no longer care about human trafficking. Not like it really cares right now.

Why would you isolate them?

Yuri is one of the dumbest people in this series. Why is that? Well, who in their right mind would leave a woman, a young girl, and a baby essentially alone in a world where anarchy reins and human trafficking is no big deal? He wanted someone to get kidnapped. That black car was totally not suspicious. When Ai went to Gola Academy, the other girls seemed to not even bat an eye when talking about the fact that Ai was probably sold off. This has to be a common occurrence especially when it comes to young girls. In a world where girls are not getting younger, the human traffickers would want to start early. If you leave three sleeping girls in the car, then it is your own damn fault for whatever happens to them. Did anything else about this episode stand out to me? I do want to know why they are isolating people with special abilities. As far as I can tell, they aren’t studying these young people. You would think that they would be the subject of experimentation due to their oddities. That may be worse than their current situation, but that is what comes to my mind.

No one bats an eye when a ghost starts talking to them.

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