Impression – Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi, Episode 06









Is killing people necessarily evil in this world? The fears that accompany death seem to no longer be present if you are a member of Ortus. I don’t know how they figured out these important medical techniques, but they appear to be working. Can humans still reach salvation through death?

A being that was created by a witch, an idol that bears the burden of damming people to death, and a new breed that seeks the answers to many questions regarding life.

Something very unexpected occurred twice in this episode for me. Although it was very obvious that Ulla was going to kill those people, I did not expect Ai’s question and Kiriko’s answer. Even though her stare, voice, and touch force people to die, Ulla seems so happy during the ceremony. Ai believes that Ulla may not know that she is killing those people. I thought that she was looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, but Kiriko says that he had been brainwashing her for years. She did not know about all of this death business. However, it was all done in order to protect her. Why not shelter someone from the truth when happiness is still available? Ai forces things and decides to tell Ulla everything. Ai and Ulla are similar. They are both oddities that were born into a world of lies. Everyone around them is dead even though they were led to believe that they were alive. This shocked me a bit. Ulla knew that everyone was dead and she knows that she has an odd effect on people. This does not get to Ulla because many people seek death. She sees the happiness that radiates from people and that is good enough. In this world, almost everything is gray area at this point. Oh yeah, and Scar adopted a baby that had been frozen in time.

Is anyone else thinking about the Virgin Mary right now?

Current Opinion of the Show:

This series keeps getting better and better. I want to talk about Scar first because I think that her development will become very important moving forward. She adopted a baby that was not her own. This child has been calling out to her and it is related to an oddity. Could we be looking at the Virgin Mary of this new world? I was reading some of the comments on the video that I was watching and someone made an interesting point. What if this new child was the Idol of Life? The child that rejected the wish to kill all humans. That would be very interesting. It could be the start of a new crossroads for humanity. If access to old school salvation is over, then there will be choices that must be made. Humanity is still in a critical state in which people as whole have no idea what they should do and it has led to anarchy. If that isn’t what is going on, I do want to know what is up with this kid. Could this be the second phase in a transformation that the gravekeepers are undergoing? The birth of emotions and possibly the second coming of mankind. The first phase of humanity had run its course and it could be time for a fresh start. This fresh start could be started by a new generation of people who have been raised by gravekeepers. I may be stretching things here, but I think that is what is fun about this series.

The process of dying in this situation must be pretty painless.

Should I assume that this series will be full of arcs that look into various views of the world? That sounds pretty cool in my opinion. We can meet various people and get different views regarding the state of the world. Also, there is the different types of being that now inhabit the world. I want to see things like this because the writer has done an amazing job thus far when it comes to developing this world. The concept of gravekeepers, beings that have been altered by dark magic, and Idols of Death are very interesting. Also, the various solutions to living in this new world all make enough sense to push what I believe to be the main theme of the series. The world is as gray as gray gets, so we must search for what we can accept. Could this be referencing a death of religious devotion and a birth of living based on the times? I can’t say no. I will never stop saying that I love how this series makes me think. It is something that a lot of series have been lacking and things like Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi need to be applauded.

I smell a pedophile.

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