Impression – Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi, Episode 10









A time loop. This is not a new concept, but it is definitely an interesting one. You relive the same events of a given period of time over and over again without being able to move on. You are stuck. However, is that always a bad thing? There may not be room for progress, but that also means that new tragedies cannot occur. If the loop is preventing people from experiencing great pain, then why should you try to escape? That is a good question.

I didn’t expect to see this kind of situation just yet.

We have had a village that are filled with dead people, a metropolis that is filled with advanced dead people, and a boarding school for the gifted that was nothing like Professor Xavier’s academy. In a world where wishes are granted in supernatural ways, what is the most logical solution to the issue of moving towards chaos? Getting stuck in a time loop of course. The world that Alis wants to destroy is a pocket dimension that continuously loops a time period of a little under a year for everyone inside of it. The loop was started by the joint wish of the members of class 3-4, but only Alis and Dee are aware of what is going on. Alis was able to escape, but Dee cannot leave the loop without becoming a ghost. Alis has brought Ai and company with him because he needs help resolving things. Alis believes that the loop will end if that is accomplished. What is stopping him? People that he brings to his world cannot leave unless the loop is broken. Also, after the loop cycles, new people get caught up in it and Alis loses any possible allies. Some interesting things to note are that Alis and Dee do not age even when they are outside of the loop. Also, Dee does not want the loop to end.

What if we are stuck in someone’s palm?

Current Opinion of the Show:

This series is getting very interesting once again. This pocket dimension/time loop thing is bringing this series to a whole new level. I am very pleased with the way that they are handling things for the most part, but I do have an issue with one of the details regarding the loop. Alis said that only normal living people may enter the loop. People without special abilities cannot come in, but Ai, Scar, and Celica waltzed on in just fine. Does this mean that being a gravekeeper does not make one special? If they specifically are different, then I guess I can accept that, but it rubbed me the wrong way initially. Also, I will assume that Celica is special. Aside from that, I am liking this world. How are they going to break the loop? I assume that they are going to have to talk to Dee about this one. Alis knows that she wants the loop to stay the way it is, but he may not have considered that she is the main thorn in his side just yet.

This is an interesting struggle.

Here are some things about this world. Alis does not know why Dee becomes a ghost when she leaves the loop. Well, they basically revealed that Dee died, so she probably only exists in that loop. She may have died before things went down. Aside from that, Dee is definitely the one keeping everyone there. The loop is a dimension that was born from fear. Fear that things would change for the worse. Fear that death would separate her from Alis. A lot of things come from that simple word. What do I see happening? I think that Ai will have to convince Dee to move on. Once that happens, the loop will stop and those that are trapped in it will be released. Some of them may react poorly because this is not a world that they want to live in, but there will be some closure. What else? Dee will either be dead or only exist as a ghost. I see that being a thing. She no longer has her body in the real world. Does there need to be a romantic moment between Dee and Alis for this to work? No, but I kind of want one. It seemed like they had something going on when Alis escaped in the flashback. Also, she was the only classmate that he didn’t shoot, but I am just looking for excuses at this point.

Does that still hold meaning?

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