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Anyone that knows me can tell you that I was not very fond of the first season of Legend of Korra. There were some nice concepts in there, but I believe that the story was far too focused on poorly written romance. Is romance a bad thing? No, but the execution was simply not there. What did I like about the first season? The world was very interesting and I liked almost all of the characters. Korra was not one of them, but let’s see how her character plays out this season.

Where was this in Avatar: The Last Airbender?


You do need to watch the first season of this series in order to understand what is going on in this one. Do you need to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender before this one? That is up to you honestly. I think that this series can function as a stand alone series. There will be references to the old series, but that shouldn’t be too confusing. The actual story is pretty interesting. Korra and Mako are no longer members of the Fire Ferrets. Mako is a cop and Korra is goofing off. This has left Bolin on a horrible team that is already out of contention for the playoffs. Mako and Korra are having a few issues, but that is nothing a trip to the South Pole can’t fix. The new Team Avatar is headed to Korra’s village in order to enjoy an annual festival. Things aren’t all fun and games as Korra’s Uncle comes down from the North Pole in order to criticize the entire production. Apparently, fried foods and games aren’t good enough for the North. The criticism is somewhat warranted as dark spirits are kind of messing things up in the south. While Korra is dealing with spirits and Mako is dealing with Korra, Bolin has to help Asami save Future Industries. Luckily, Varrick likes Bolin. Unluckily, so does Eska. With all of this confusion in the air, how will Korra stop the dark spirits when her connection to the other world is her weakest point as an avatar?

They don’t look very happy.


We have already met quite a few new characters. Korra’s family has become quite important and I am happy to see the water tribe getting more exposure. I am a little worried about the amount of attention that the members of Team Avatar are going to get. I can’t see Mako being less important, but I can see Bolin and Asami starting to fall off a bit. Having said that, I am usually wrong about stuff like this.


Korra is the new avatar. She is very skilled at bending and this has led to quite the arrogant and headstrong attitude. Unlike Aang, Korra doesn’t default to her native water bending. I believe that this shows a nice balance with her bending. Unfortunately, Korra’s weakness as an avatar lies in her connection to the spirit world.


Mako is the eye candy of the series. Having said that, he definitely isn’t just a pretty face. The guy is a powerful fire bender that has left pro bending in order to become a police officer. His serious attitude is perfect for the job, but maybe not so perfect for his new girlfriend.


Bolin is Mako’s little brother, but the goofy attitude may help you forget that. The guy may be a serviceable earth bender, but he lacks maturity and luck with the ladies. All of that aside, Bolin is a fan favorite that is quite lucky in this business world. Well, Varrick’s business world that is.


Asami is the new head of Future Industries. She is fairly mature, but the stress of leading a dying company without her family around is pretty rough. She was simply Mako’s girlfriend in the beginning and Asami’s role in Team Avatar is a bit unclear. She is a proud woman who you shouldn’t mess with, but this Team Avatar is a bit off in general.


Tonraq is Korra’s dad and the chief of the Southern Water Tribe. He has led his people away from the spirits, but everyone seems to enjoy the way that things work. He is a strong man who is not too happy with his brother, but is his controlling attitude leading him down the wrong path?


Unalaq is Tonraq’s younger brother and the chief of the Northern Water Tribe. His connection with the spirits is helping out with the chaos, but it has thrown a wrench into the original plans. The dude is kind of a dick in all honesty, but spiritual training is what Korra desperately needs.


Varrick is the eccentric mind behind Varrick Industries. The guy is a water tribe native that is far more successful than you can believe. The guy has more than one screw loose, but he is key in saving Future Inustries. I am definitely a fan of this ridiculous guy.

There are various other characters such as Tenzin who plays a very important role in Korra’s development. We have also met Aang’s other children and we are sure to meet the rest of the original Team Avatar’s offspring. Oh yeah, and Eska is a crazy woman who may or may not be dating Bolin.

Bolin should not have talked to her.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I like where this series is going. I will start off by saying something that is not said enough. If you are looking for Avatar: The Last Airbender, then watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. The Legend of Korra is very different from the first series and that is not a bad thing. If you are looking for information regarding the original Team Avatar after the end of Book 3, then read The Promise and The Search. I may not have enjoyed the first season of Korra, but I think that we are starting to get somewhere. I had some good laughs during this episode and I think that we could be getting more of this in the near future. As long as they keep the bad writing for the romance stuff to a minimum, I think that this will be a good series. It is a bit early to tell if it is going to be better than the first season, but I want it to be better. I can’t sit through another soap opera.

Varrick is my favorite new character.

I have a few questions regarding some carry over from the first season. Are we content with saying that Amon is dead? I am curious to see whether or not that stuff is completely done. I don’t need to see more Equalist stuff, but I did think that it was one of the more entertaining parts of the first season. Then we have the romance between Mako and Asami. That ended in an odd fashion, but that means the potential for lingering feelings exists. They really rushed through that stuff in the first season, so there are a lot of questions regarding that stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something come up between Mako and Asami, but that is also because we know the writers by now. They like the romantic drama and there isn’t much better than an ex-girlfriend that sticks a little too close to your man. Then we have Korra’s development. Has she really learned anything in the past season? It seems like she has reverted back to the old Korra now that Amon isn’t putting pressure on her. It is still early, but Korra’s development is key. She is honestly one of the things that I like least about this series.

Sky Bison are adorable.

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