Impression – Avatar: The Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirit, Episode 02









Well, the problems with the spirits are still going down. It sure would suck if some other drama was going down with all of the chaos. Oh yeah, Korra’s dad is not looking very good right now. Oh well, we all get mad at our parents at times. It just doesn’t usually cause this much destruction.

Have you seen enough hentai?

This arc should be called “Korra is Mad at Her Dad”. The spirits continue to attack the South Pole and Korra is starting to get fed up with all of the manipulation going on. As an avatar, she needs to learn how to deal with the spirits. However, her lessons with Tenzin are not going her way. Unalaq is showing the ability to deal with the spirits in a way that greatly differs from what Tenzin is doing. Korra likes what she sees and she wants to learn from her uncle. Tonraq and Tenzin will be having none of that. It was decided early on that Korra would learn air bending and gain spiritual guidance from Tenzin. It makes sense because Aang’s air bending roots greatly aided him from a spiritual standpoint. Well, your credibility kind of goes out the window when people learn that you were banished for angering the spirits and almost destroying a nation. Tonraq was supposed to be the next chief of the Northern Water Tribe, but he led an attack that destroyed a spirit forest. The dark spirits almost destroyed the North Pole and Unalaq had to save the day. Well, Korra let Tenzin leave and she forced her dad away. She was able to unlock the spirit portal and everything would be great if it didn’t look like Unalaq was pulling a Fire Nation.

But everything changed when the water tribe attacked?

Current Opinion of the Show:

I love where things are going right now. I was wondering what kind of major conflict was going to come up and then we see the warships. Is all of that condescending talk more than simple criticism? Is anyone else looking forward to an internal conflict? That would be pretty cool. The Fire Nation has been the bad guys for too long. How many wars started because one group thought that they knew what was best for everyone else? Also, that dark spirit taming stuff seems kind of fishy to me. The spirits aren’t becoming calm like they did in the first series. They change color and disappear. It seems more like manipulation than appealing to me. The very different approach that Tenzin took appears to be the right one. I am just saying that it doesn’t seem right. Unless the writers decided that there is more than one way to appease the spirits. You can’t knock them for it and Legend of Korra can function on its own. It might not be best for me to use stuff that was established in the first series, but I am getting a bad vibe here.

Having the hope of the world rest in your loins is pretty important.

I guess that the air temples were taken over by some odd religious people. I say this because they are not air benders, but they treat Tenzin’s family like the Pope. Given, the cycle of the avatar pretty much depends on the fertility of his family. Aang and Katara were like the Adam and Eve of the air benders and they only produced Tenzin. That gets me thinking. Can Kaya and Bumi produce air benders even though they don’t have the gift? Think about it. They still have Aang’s blood flowing through their veins. Are we not dealing with recessive genes? The series is basically hinting that they can’t, but I would think otherwise. Genealogists may tell me otherwise, but I find it odd that Tenzin had to make sure that he produced lots of children for the hope of the world. I am happy to see more of Tenzin, Bumi, and Kaya. I feel like we never really got to know Tenzin aside from him as a teacher in the first season. We never really got to know Bumi or Kaya either. We just knew that Bumi was a wild man. I hope that we get to see more from them. I like to think that Bumi trained with Sokka with his inability to bend, but that is just a head canon.

That must have been a long boat ride.

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