Impression – Avatar: The Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirit, Episode 03









Does the army patrol remind you of anything? Well, we will often get parallels when it comes to war in both real life and the fictional world. The Northern Water Tribe is “helping its sister tribe get back on track” through a bit of force. The Fire Nation wanted to “share its advanced technology and culture with the rest of the world” under the supervision of the Fire Nation of course. You don’t have to bend something as destructive as fire to be a jackass.

Diplomacy doesn’t require armed patrols.

Things are not really going Korra’s way anymore. Even though she believed that Unalaq’s guidance would help the Southern Water Tribe, it has led to what looks like oppression if you ask me. The southerners are not very happy about the northern army showing up and tensions are running high. There have even been meetings amongst the village elders that have resulted in talks about a civil war. Would that be cool to watch? It would be for us, but the Avatar should be preventing war. That is Korra’s role in this episode. The avatar needs to be neutral in these affairs even if he or she holds a personal tie to the conflict. However, things like diplomacy were never Korra’s strong point. Things really heat up when Unalaq is attacked by some rebels. Korra thought that her father was involved, but he refused to take such actions. This resulted in a nice little family reunion, but that was cut short. Korra’s mom and dad were both arrested for treason and they are going to stand trial in the next episode. How is Korra going to get her parents out of this one?

Not suspicious at all.

Current Opinion of the Show:

Last season may have had the Equalists, but a civil war is definitely something that gets me excited. I know that wars are technically bad, but they are great material for stories like this one. Korra obviously can’t keep her neutrality for long. This is too much to ask of a young person like herself. Also, I really like watching Water Tribe fights. Water bending is cool and all, but I really like the weapons that they use. Sokka was always entertaining and it wasn’t just because he was a funny guy. The weapons that were used in the series were very cool. Sokka showed off a lot of those with his sword, boomerang, club, knife, and various other things. Unfortunately, the Northern soldiers aren’t armed in the same way that Tonraq and his boys were in that banishment flashback. Oh well, the trial is sure to be interesting. It will probably be similar to most western trials like the one from the first season and the verdict is pretty obvious. However, the actions that Korra takes when he dad and the rest are inevitably found guilty will be the deciding factor when it comes to the direction that this plot takes.

Bolin is so whipped.

I guess that the other characters have felt a little bit neglected at this point in time. Bolin has that crazy romance going on, but I find myself question how much longer that can actually be a thing. He is basically a slave and the impending war won’t be doing anything to improve that relationship. I don’t see Eska changing anytime soon, so Bolin is going to have to do something about this. Will he? Probably not on his own, but this will not end well. Eska is way too crazy to put up with anything that isn’t obedience. When it comes to Mako, it is rough being the avatar’s boyfriend right now. He has fallen into that horrible gray area between advice giver and support system. The answers given by the respective roles can be quite different and you are fighting a losing battle regardless of which one you choose in this situation. I would like to see the new Team Avatar fighting together again, but that will have to wait. As for Asami, I guess that her company is pretty important. They are nearing bankruptcy and she is almost on her own at this point. Varrick may be a little too preoccupied with the war to help her right now.

That touching scene didn’t last long.

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