Impression – Avatar: The Legend of Korra Book 2:Spirit, Episode 04









Trials aren’t as fair as we need them to be. Varrick knows the deal because his first instinct was to hide and pay off anyone that is in a position of power. You may not always be able to pay people off, but corruption is pretty prominent. I live in the United States and I can tell you that it is tough to trust the “justice” system at times.

That is a good way to threaten people.

The trial was held for the rebels that attacked Unalaq and the conspirers. Korra obviously never learned how to present a case to the court because she did more to hurt her parents than help them. After much deliberation, everyone besides Korra’s mom was sentenced to death. That was kind of rough and Korra threatened the judge. You can’t be doing stuff like that. Luckily, Unalaq spared their lives by saying that he would only throw them in jail. Well, it seemed like he was being a nice guy, but Korra found out a little something about her uncle from a very cooperative judge. Through some frowned upon tactics, Korra found out that Unalaq not only rigged the trial to make it look like he was being a nice guy, but he also hired the barbarians that led to Tonraq’s banishment. He isn’t trying to help anyone except for himself. Unalaq is a power-hungry ruler that must be stopped. Korra and company busted her dad and the rebels out of jail and a civil war has truly started. Korra and company fled to Republic City in order to get the United Forces on their side. The south can’t fight off the north for long. Oh yeah, and Bolin was engaged to Eska for a short time before fleeing.

Varrick is a smart guy.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I am still on board with things as they are. I was looking forward to watching the civil war go down, but getting the help of the United Forces isn’t a bad thing. Depending on how long that takes, we could be watch a war in no time. Also, I guess that Varrick is going to be a fairly important character in this season. He has been around since Bolin impressed him and the guy is now accompanying the group on their mission in Republic City. His banter with Bolin is one of my favorite parts of this season thus far.

“Can this boat outrun my crazy water bending ex-girlfriend” – Bolin

“Why do you think I had this made?” – Varrick

That is genius. The comedy has been a strong point of Book 2 and I hope that it persists. I know that the serious aspects of the series are also nice, but that will come with time. A civil war just started.

Adolescent sky bison are the most adorable things in the word.

The stuff with Tenzin’s family was pretty interesting. It was nice to hear about Aang as a father even if it wasn’t very nice. Aang was pretty much destined to be consumed with continuing the cycle of the avatar because that has been on his shoulders since he fled his temple at the beginning of the war against the Fire Nation. That doesn’t completely excuse him, but things could have been better. That last sentence is basically the description of a lot of families. Did anyone else see Katara, Sokka, and Aang in Kaya, Bumi, and Tenzin? Of course you did because it takes an idiot to not see that obvious parallel. The personalities may not be exactly the same, but the important elements were there. Also, those sky bison are the cutest things in the history of the world. Baby sky bison are alright, but these guys are so huggable. The touching family moments were nice, but I wonder how much longer they will last. Tenzin is sure to catch wind of the war eventually. I can’t imagine him coming back after the civil war wondering what went down and Korra saying that she handled that shit. Given, it will probably happen now that I said that.

Quite the necklace.

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