Impression – Coppelion, Episode 03


Episode 03 – “Hope”

This is quite the interesting series that we have on our hands here. While it may not be episodic like I thought it might be after the first episode, this more linear method of storytelling might prove to be effective too. Since the episodes actually connect together, we get to see how each character develops and grows. Well, so far I think that only really applies to Ibara, but I hope we get to learn more about the emotions of Aoi and Taeko in the coming episodes.


This episode, the girls’ mission brings them to source of the food supply for the refugees. It turns out that one of the men involved, Denjirou Shiba, is actually the man who constructed the plant that was source of the nuclear meltdown, causing Tokyo to be the desolate wasteland that it is. The incredible thing about this is that he understands that he’s to blame for the whole situation and accepts full responsibility for the accident. He even takes it upon himself to grow food underground for the people living in the area.

This sense of duty and purpose are themes that pervade throughout the series so far. Not only does Denjirou resolve to atone for what he’s done, his assistant vows to follow him wherever he goes, even if that means being punished as well. Building off of what we saw last episode, Ibara seems to be more determined in her actions and purpose. She realizes that even though the disaster site is horrible place, it’s the reason that she’s alive in the first place. If the accident hadn’t happened, neither she nor the other two who have been created. In this way, Ibara considers the destroyed Tokyo to be her birthplace, much like how it’s actually the little girl’s birthplace. That little girl is sort of living proof that new life is possible under the most stressful conditions (besides vegetation,I guess).


I know a lot of people are complaining wondering about why the three girls are wearing schoolgirl uniforms while on a rescue mission in an incredibly dangerous environment. My theory is that one of them (probably Aoi) wanted to take the opportunity to live life like a normal schoolgirl, hence the uniforms. Maybe the creator didn’t want them to appear like a bunch of super soldiers, even though that’s what they are. I mean, Ibara lifts that bigass gun with one hand! It’s merely speculation, but I think it fits with the philosophy that the girls are alive and not much different from the average young girl.

“I… I love science. It is my mother, after all.” ~ Ibara Naruse


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