Impression – Gingitsune, Episode 04









I was wondering when we were going to get a chance to meet the guy and little fox herald from the opening. Did they get a tragic back story that fits the style that the series has been giving us from the start? Yes, but it isn’t anything particularly new. I am hoping that we can get past the overly dramatic stuff soon, but we are probably going to get a lot of time spent on his transition to life at Saeki’s shrine.

Everyone dies in this series.

Saeki gets quite the surprise at the beginning of this episode. Her dad says that someone will be joining the family pretty soon. Saeki immediately thinks that her dad has found another woman to marry, but it is nothing like that. Her dad doesn’t seem like the dating type anyways. Having said that, the actual addition to the shrine is even more life shattering if you ask me. A young man who is connected through an old teacher will be living at the shrine. Saeki heard nothing about this and her dad seems a little too relaxed when it comes to having a young boy stay at their place with his daughter there. Oh well, it is going to happen, but the kid isn’t thinking that the shrine will be his new home. Satoru only wants to stay for a week while he finds a place of his own, but he wants his little herald to stay at the shrine. Haru doesn’t want to be separated from Satoru, but the guy is quite adamant about the parting of ways. Haru runs off the next morning and Gintaro is already getting tired of handling this stuff. Even the back story that involves dead parents and a not so nice new family can excuse the way that Satoru is treating his little buddy.

Haru looks so sad.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I think that I like what we are seeing. The introduction of a guy and another herald is interesting, but I am worried about predictable writing. If we get a story that goes as follows, then I will be quite upset.

  1. Satoru and Haru make up.
  2. Satoru goes to school, but avoids Saeki.
  3. Satoru and Haru get used to life at the shrine, but they require some convincing before they decide to stay.
  4. The two finally start to open up and everyone sees Satoru as Saeki’s love interest because she helped him grow emotionally.

That is a very predictable way for things to go. Can something that vague happen and still be written well? Yes, but I am worried that the very bland precedent that has been established by the series cannot handle something like this very well. It isn’t a bad progression when you think about it, but I think that such a story is far too predictable.

Haru is adorable.

The addition of new characters is definitely a nice thing. I started to worry that we were going to get nothing but a bunch of girl talk from the school side of things. That isn’t a bad thing, but what we were getting was getting kind of stale as I have previously stated. The addition of Satoru and Haru can mean quite a few things for the series. It would be nice to see some Kendo even though I don’t think that we will much of anything that isn’t practice followed by a dramatic talk. It is pretty obvious that Satoru will at least serve as a rumored love interest. I don’t think that Saeki can hide the fact that they are living together from Yumi and Funabashi. I am only taking a guess here, but I am going to assume that Satoru will be fairly popular with the ladies. He is athletic with a series attitude and I think that anime girls love shit like that. I am not sure about how I feel regarding the addition of a love interest in this series, but it’s not like we can go down from here in terms of excitement. At the very least, we did get Haru. I think that the little herald is adorable and that is something. Overall, I am not expecting much from this.

I don’t know if that is good or bad.

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