Impression – Gingitsune, Episode 05









A lot of people have been looking for a romance between Saeki and Satoru. Is this a result of a need to see a romance in a story? Possibly, but I think that the series itself is at fault for this need. Honestly, this series is fairly boring right now. A romance would spice things up a bit because we can only see family drama for so long when it is displayed to us in the fashion that it is in this series.

Saeki’s dad needs to drop the knowledge.

Well, Haru is still missing and it seems like Gintaro is against helping with the search. That would be a far bigger issue if Satoru was actually trying to look for the little herald. Saeki is not liking this and her dad has come to the rescue. Everyone is sitting at the table and we get to see more flashbacks of Satoru’s childhood. His aunt’s family resented him because his grandfather left the shrine to Satoru. His aunt believed that her children should inherit the shrine because they are the ones taking care of it at the moment. Unfortunately, they do not have the sight and that means Satoru has to be the one to take it over. When his grandfather died, Haru was always there for Satoru. The little boy would often cry and hug the herald when the verbal abuse would come. That is why the two are so close. After some necessary words from Saeki’s dad, Satoru went after Haru. He couldn’t find the herald, but they did convince Gintaro to help in the search. Haru was tracked down and things are starting to get better. Having said that, Haru does not like Saeki. Not only does Saeki not speak to heralds with respect, but she was caught staring at Satoru and she called Haru a boy. The little herald is actually a girl.

Those two are adorable together.

Current Opinion of the Show:

The series is actually fairly boring. I mean, the drama is probably necessary to an extent, but it lacks impact. A shoujo series would have taken two seasons to explain Satoru’s past, but it would have been far more dramatic. The reunion between Satoru and Haru was nice and all, but it feels like the series hasn’t really gone anywhere. We are almost halfway through the season and that is a bad sign. Will they pick things up in the next episode that will feature Funabashi and Yumi coming by to meet Satoru? I hope so because six episodes without much progress will start to equate to wasted time in my book. It is interesting to learn that fox heralds can look different. The ones at Satoru’s shrine are far different aesthetically speaking than the ones at Saeki’s. I would say that the addition of a new herald would be good for Gintaro, but they don’t seem to mix very well. Haru will probably just annoy Gintaro when he is trying to relax. Heck, Haru may not even stick around. I can see the little herald following Satoru to and from school because they are way too close. Being close isn’t bad, but Haru will not handle Satoru’s death very well.

Haru is watching you, Saeki.

Here is the thing. Like I stated earlier, a romance is almost necessary in this series. What we have gotten thus far has been pretty boring and it would be a welcome element to the plot. Not only that, but a romance would fit the dramatic style of the series. Haru may not like it, but it would be odd if Satoru and Saeki weren’t getting a little closer pretty soon. Does there always have to be a romance in a series? No, but I definitely enjoy a well-written one. The preview did show the other girls coming over to see Satoru, so I suspect that there will be some rumors surrounding the two pretty soon. A young boy and girl living together is going to raise a few flags. Also, I am assuming that Satoru may be fairly popular with the ladies. He is supposedly a star athlete and his serious demeanor will probably serve him well in the anime world. We could see some more bullying drama in the near future because of that. Funabashi already kind of went through that. Yumi won’t stand for it, but it may happen. I don’t know what direction this series plans on taking, so I can only guess.

The reunion was.

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