Impression – Strike the Blood, Episode 06

Strike the Blood







I will stand by what I said in the last impression post for this series. I am glad that they decided to focus on the romantic comedy aspect of the series. It is pretty entertaining and it doesn’t really take away from the serious aspect of the show. It is still there, but it was clear that Strike the Blood was not going to be about familiar battles. It is going to be about a love triangle that just got very serious.

No homo of course.

We are still on the ship. Kojou got away from the first attack, but he did not expect the forks to start flying. Himeragi’s roommate from her time training with the Lion King Organization is observing this very creepy vampire. He claims to have been in love with Avrora and he began to approach Kojou in an odd fashion. It is clear that he wanted to consume the Fourth Primogenitor and that has not changed. He could probably defeat Kojou as he is now, but that isn’t the current focus. An organization has come to the island in search of an ancient weapon. They plan on using it stop take down the First Primogenitor and dissolve the current treaty. I guess that the other demons are like second class citizens in this world. Things wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for Asagi honestly. She is capable of deciphering the code that will unlock the weapon and she is the target of a kidnapping that will occur in the next episode. Also, she has seen Kojou powering up as a vampire. Things are not going well in the hiding things department.

I prefer owls.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I am really enjoying this series. There are several reasons for this, but the obvious one is the romance stuff. I love a good ship and I am pretty attached to Kojou x Himeragi right now. I don’t dislike Asagi, but I am not as attached to that idea. I am curious to see how Kojou handles his familiars with the help of Himeragi. If he really does need to consume her blood to make things happen, then I expect to see that in the near future. Well, unless they decided to go full-blown harem on us and say that Kojou will make ten women become his blood partners in order to obtain control of his ten familiars. They could do that, but I doubt that the harem possibilities are that high. I think that Kojou will end up only using Himeragi and that Asagi will simply be a helpful friend in this series. It isn’t fair, but it tends to happen that way in anime.

Asagi is in trouble.

Well, either the terrorists are after Asagi or the police think that she is a terrorist due to her ability to decipher that little code that was sent to her computer. It may just be the police because the preview didn’t show Asagi being in any trouble. Having said that, I don’t think that the terrorists could take Asagi while Kojou is in his current state. Hiding stuff is all in good fun until someone tries to kidnap your friend. Kojou can easily take out some terrorists. On that note, this new girl is pretty stupid to be attacking the Fourth Primogenitor like that. He may be new, but that is the scary thing. Injuring him causes the familiars to go berserk and even Kojou can’t stop them at that point. No regular spiritualist can handle that kind of power. She may not have known about this, but being a Primogenitor is no joke. Oh well, she is just going to have to accept the fact that Himeragi likes Kojou and that she will probably be his blood partner in the near future.

Only in an anime would you see this.

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  1. Kinda sad to think that Asagi’s probably gonna be shafted as far as the relationship goes. Ultimately though I think I lean more toward Kojou and Himeragi (which is the pretty obvious couple either way). Asagi is still pretty likable anyway and she’s pretty useful all things considered so at least she isn’t a waste of space. And the end of the episode…..definitely looks quite problematic.

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