Poll – Favorite Kyoto Animation Series?


A lot of things are subjective in the world of anime production, but few things have been more consistent than Kyoto Animation’s animation quality. A fan favorite for about a decade now, KyoAni churns out the series (well, maybe not that quickly) and looks great while doing it.

This week, we wanna know which of these gorgeous series is your all-time favorite? We have more recent comedies like K-On! and Nichijou, as well as the classic hard-hitting trifecta with Air, Kanon, and Clannad. 

2 responses to “Poll – Favorite Kyoto Animation Series?

  1. I think the best KyoAni series has hands down got to be Hyouka, but as far as my subjective favourite goes, it’s probably a cross between that and slightly guilty pleasure Free!. However, I’d be incredibly surprised if K-On! doesn’t win the popularity contest – that’s one rabid fandom right there.

  2. I really like almost every single work that KyoAni has done and that I have watched, but Clannad just is the one that left me with the most emotions…

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