Impression – Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru, Episode 06

Ore no







One of the things that always gets to me is the fact that way too many female characters have ridiculous breasts in anime. It is pretty much the standard at this point even though people know that such things are next to impossible. Do you know what made me truly love this series for a moment? The fact that they said the girl with the most ridiculous chest actually has breast implants. That made my day.

I will refute this if I ever think that I can do so.

This episode was basically dedicated to Kanade’s current mission. He needs to get all of the girls that are participating in the battle to say that they like him regardless of the truth behind the statement. That would be very easy if Kanade was friends with all of the girls, but he doesn’t even know two of them. Luckily, there is a very innocent participant that Kanade can essentially manipulate. Unfortunately, she is so innocent that doing so will eat away at Kanade’s soul. At least he was punished for forcing this pure creature into such a situation. Those guys from before beat him up twice and they were joined by a guy that was after Kanade’s chastity. The next target was much more difficult as she is the well-endowed rich girl character. Luckily for Kanade, he was able to blackmail her because the Absolute Choice thing told him that she has breast implants. Kanade was able to force out the confession while her breasts forced their way out of her bra. Yukihira ended up being next on the list as Kanade was able to exploit her love of White Piggy. Kanade dressed up as the mascot character and spent the day with Yukihira. She revealed her true nature and said that she loved Kanade as White Piggy. Unfortunately, Kanade was left with a choice that erased his memories and porn collection. I feel bad for Kanade.

I am glad that we didn’t focus on the masochism.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I am so close to saying that I am enjoying this series. NouCome does a lot of things that I like. The characters boast strong personalities and there are very great moments in the series. Giving a character breast implants is hilarious if you ask me. There is finally an explanation for the ridiculous breast sizes in anime. I will say that it sucks to have the new girl given this crazy situation when all signs point to Yuouji having a completely natural bust. You can’t win them all. On the other hand, I still find the series painful to watch at times. It may be a personal problem, but I can’t handle this series. My body physically rejects this series due to embarrassing moments that are too strong for me to handle. There is a level of perversion in this series that I am still not completely comfortable with and I think that it takes away from what this series can be. You can be ridiculous and perverted without going this far. Other people may like this series as it is, but I am not part of that group.

I like regular Yukihira.

It is pretty obvious that Yukihira is going to be the main focus of this harem. The actual popular girls will be non-factors because they are mostly there to add different character types to the series. As far as I am concerned, things are pretty much coming down to Yukihira and Chocolat. Why those two? Well, Yukihira is being given an actual back story and there is a time-based attention given to her that means she will be important. An end game that involves Kanade losing the curse and getting to talk to Yukihira normally seems like a realistic thing to expect at this point in time. Chocolat gets to be a serious contender because she is living with Kanade. That isn’t the only reason, but it is a big one. Aside from that, you have the fact that she already claims to love Kanade and that she pretty much has to be useful to an extent. Being a love interest makes one fairly useful. This is an anime we are talking about. I would like it if the series focused more on Yukihira, but Kanade can’t even remember any of their best moments together.

I would love to have plastic surgery radar.

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