Impression – Coppelion, Episode 07

coppelion_ibara_07-1Episode 07 – “Haruto”

Man, as if my impressions couldn’t be any more late. Hopefully this one week lag time doesn’t bother anyone too much. I really don’t know why I’ve been slacking so much on these posts because things have actually started to heat up in Coppelion. When we last left off, Ibara was left lying on the cold hard ground after being blasted by a tank shell. Despite her great regenerative abilities, even she can’t survive something like that without medical assistance.

What surprises me even more than Ibara surviving the blast is that old dude surviving. He’s practically a skeleton and yet he seems to have come out better than Ibara has. He must have pulled off some trick to come out alive because we learn that when he’s threatened by Haruto he actually gives in. Apparently, he and the rest of 1st Division have plans to pretty much blow the hell out of Tokyo using what they call the Sarcophagus. As far as I understand, it’s a reactor-like structure that has as much power as a nuclear bomb.

There’s one catch though. It can only be approached by a member of Coppelion, due to its high radiation levels. But there wouldn’t any member who’d be willing to do that, right? Right? There’s a always the possibility of capturing and threatening one of them, which is probably what they were trying to do with Aoi. But as it stands, Ibara, Taeko, Aoi, and Haruto probably wouldn’t comply with what 1st Division wants.


Well, maybe those four wouldn’t but…there appears to be two more members that we have yet to meet: namely Haruto’s teammates. From we see, they’re quite…eccentric and possibly violent. They’re supposed to be part of the Cleanup Crew, but their true motives are unclear to me, especially if they’re the ones responsible for blocking all of the roads with radioactive waste. Whatever they’re up to, I’m pretty excited to see more characters being introduced into the series.

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