Impression – Galilei Donna, Episode 06


Episode 06 – “Galileo Tesoro”

Wow, this series got awfully serious in a hurry, which is pretty great. It quickly went from a Western family adventure movie to a darker, philosophical JRPG plot in a matter of a few episodes. It’s the classic struggle between the haves and the have-nots, which in turn breeds more hatred and turmoil. We see this in Roberto’s tragic flashback, when his father was betrayed by the very homeless men he showed selfless kindness to.

This understandably traumatic experience destroyed Roberto’s lookout of the world and made him a prime candidate to be enlisted into the corrupt methane hydrate corporation. On the side of the orphan spectrum, we have Cicinho and his gang of companions who work together to make a semi-honest living by stealing. It’s interesting that the majority of the characters in this series are orphans, except for the three main girls. Normally in JRPGs, the main characters are all orphans and we don’t really learn about anyone else. Here, it’s made apparent that being orphans had an effect on the “bad guys.”


Then we come to the question of who the true bad guy is. Is it Roberto for shooting innocent people? That’s definitely not a heroic thing to do, but who’s fault is it that he became that way? I guess the answer to that question is “society.” Of course, he had a choice. He could have chosen not to kill everyone, he could have chosen to not join Adnimoon, and he could have chosen to live out a life like the Black Ganymedes.

I’m really liking this interplaying complexity between the three main groups. Each group is distinctly different from each other and has its own motivations/philosophies for what they do. It was exciting to see Cicinho and Roberto face off against each other, but it’s unfortunate that Roberto came out on top. It’s also kind of horrific that the sisters had to watch everyone get picked off like that too.



We get a few visual cues this episode that Anna Hendrix may not exactly be the most trustworthy person, and I hope that’s not a death flag for her. I don’t want to jinx but I just have a bad feeling about it. We also see the power of Hozuki’s goldfish necklace again, but I still don’t know what it does exactly other than absorb materials. But perhaps this is the sought-after Galileo Tesoro?

“There’s always another choice. It’s too sad to think that there isn’t…” ~ Hozuki Ferrari


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